More grey weather. More puddles. Still banned from using a hosepipe by the Water Company. It’s a drought you know.

School is being very like school. So far this week, out of 16 lessons only 2 provided any material for Hawklad to try at home. Actually that is just one subject, radio silence from the other teachers. It does feel like in most subjects we have transitioned into full on homeschooling. Maybe school’s function now in most subjects is just to sort out the arrangements for the final exams, the teaching is down to me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 clearly they haven’t seen my old school reports 🤣🤣🤣Well at least we can work the homeschooling around the World Cup Matches.

There are far too many children who are struggling or who are at risk. Safeguarding was everything before Covid shuck up the schooling systems. Not sure it is now….

I can’t remember the last time someone from school asked how Hawklad was doing, how is he feeling, are there any issues. It’s well over 2 years since anyone from school has directly spoken to him. Not one teacher has heard his voice in that time, communication has been through the very occasional email. Ok they might think I’ve got things covered but don’t they have a duty of care over the well-being of one of their pupils. Are all parents trustworthy? Should they not check. Should they not at least arrange to speak to the pupil directly. Am I being naive, maybe schools are just focused on exam performance these days. Hawklad’s School is clearly ticking all the right boxes as it’s rated as Outstanding by the authorities.

It must be me….

48 thoughts on “More Grey

  1. Your situation makes me so angry! It is all about tests to keep those ratings high! Protecting and encouraging children on all levels means nothing. Then we have the royals dropping in on we American savages to tell us they are coming to save our children and “green up” while they pose in $3000 outfts by McQueen when maybe they would be better off saving the UK children from freezing this winter…too much to ask while swanning around Boston with the VIP’s??? I feel your pain and can imagine the longing for a better school experience while battling the swirling mess between drought hosepipe bans and never ending downpours with Water Lords making huge sums of money and flying off to the Bahamas to escape the dreary Winter season. Life ain’t fair and we worker bees just have to carry on and keep our chins up and be good examples for our children.

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      1. Your world, the one that you live in with Hawklad is not uncaring or becoming uncaring. You’re keeping the outside shite at arms length and the inner world is thriving. You are doing champion, in spite of the lack of help from the school.


      1. I think you have a valid point. There was these folks a couple of years back I played badminton with, they were some sort of inspectorate of schools. This is Wales, but I’m sure there’s something of the same in England.

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      1. Actually, this is the old-fashioned and completely outdated way of teaching that my parents had back then. I am surprised this kind of system is still alive in countries like the UK.


  2. It seems like a lot of politics is “getting even” with someone or a group, rather than you know, helping it’s people these days. I totally want to jump in a puddle, Dawn French style, lol


  3. I wonder if you can take them to court for their failings? You’d probably need loads of dosh. Still, it crossed my mind and maybe if they’ve a chance to read your posts and these comments, it might cross their mind too. Perhaps you can get a refund for all the missed lessons that is being paid for by all of us who pay into the system. For surely you have earnt the teaching salary of a one-to-one teacher. Just a thought.


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