Glorious weather in drought hit Yorkshire.

The fields aren’t muddy at all…

Apparently one of my sisters has put her Christmas Tree and Outdoor Lights up today. Which prompted a household discussion on when to put our decorations up. The consensus was MOST DEFINITELY NOT NOW.

This all brought Hawklad to revisit the Great Santa Claus issue.

“Dad, a few years back, exactly when were you going to tell me”

At some stage, maybe when you reached 50.


Sorry, that was a joke #### I have to be so careful as Hawklad still can take everything I say literally##### I was going to give you one more Christmas before you found out. I certainly wasn’t planning on the pesky School Religious Education Teacher telling all the class to grow up and then let the cat out of the bag in the week before Christmas. My MINI FIB was blown out of the water.

“Are there any more MINI FIBS I need to know”

I don’t think so.

##### That sadly is not strictly true. Following a long family tradition our sick bowl doubles up as the baking mixing bowl. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Some things are best not shared especially as he is about to tuck into some homemade bread…..

49 thoughts on “Mini Fib

      1. Yeah, school in the 1800s was like that. Conservatives are fixated on supplying labour to the capitalists. Someone should make them get their hands dirty through work, not through making others work!


      2. Except to the politicians, if England is like Canada. It is not exactly free, but members of Parliament can eat elegantly in the Parliament Bldg. for about 5% of the price it would cost me in a cheap restaurant. As can their friends and families.


      1. No it isn’t. Without going too deeply into my son and his history, I will say that I have somewhat of an understanding of what you face. My son is an adult and has faced many of his demons, but there are still things that cause issues.


  1. Hahaha to the bowl. Reminds me of that 70’s joke …

    Little girls comes running in after using the toilet to her mother making chocolate cake …
    “Mummy, mummy can l lick the bowl!”
    “No darling, you can flush it like everyone else!”


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