That kinda day. Most definitely GREY.

Have I mentioned that our local area still has a hosepipe ban. That pesky scorching sun. The other day Hawklad queried why people in Yorkshire don’t emigrate to somewhere nearer the Equator. I’m not sure my answer was entirely convincing.

My oldest sister would share Hawklad’s view on Yorkshire, it’s weather and the attraction of the Equatorial Climate. Anything below 25C is too cold for her. But it does beg the question how she will cope on her Bucket List Holiday next year. Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights and Alaska. Not exactly Toasty.

Toasty was how I was trying to feel as I made a call to a local college while sitting on the back room radiator. A radiator turned on FULL. I was trying to book Hawklad in for a taster visit. School had failed to let us know that the window for booking these was now open. They hadn’t even mentioned what this college can offer. The reason apparently is that they don’t believe college is a viable option for Hawklad. Deep SIGH.

The college does appear promising as it has a well established setup to offer post school opportunities for pupils who have special educational needs. So we will see if Hawklad can attend a taster session in the New Year and see what he thinks. If the main college is too busy for him then they do have a separate smaller offsite teaching block which has been setup specifically to provide a quieter, more tailored learning environment. He could start in September.

But first we have to focus on Hawklad’s immediate wellbeing and helping with his anxieties. Then it’s the issue of the final exams in June without any real support from school. But at least we have the first opportunity door appearing in the distance. It’s a start.

41 thoughts on “Grey

    1. With what we can gather, I guess it wasn’t a decision, but more likely that they just didn’t have Hawklad to mind. Their attention seems to be only on what they have in front of them.


  1. It was a grey cold old day here too. The post home school opportunity could be just the ticket, and if they’re set up to support Hawklad, they’ll be set up to welcome him without having to pass exams.


  2. It’s wonderful that there is an opportunity on the horizon. I will be keeping Hawklad in my prayers for an easing of his anxieties and for more opportunity to open to him. and, I will pray for you as well. You’re an awesome Dad. I hope you know that.


  3. You continue to amaze me with what you do for Hawklad where the school board has failed you both. This college sounds promising and hopefully the taster visit in the new year confirms that. 🙏


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