Hawklad had been working towards his Mock Exams, waiting for school to clarify the arrangements. This week the exams started and we got clarification. Hawklad will definitely not sit mock exams until at least February. The question is how much more teaching will be made available to him from now on as much of the online school material has dried up. There is talk of one to one tuition for a couple of hours a week, however school can’t afford to buy that support in. As school are understaffed we don’t have a start date for support. So we plod on effectively with homeschooling and rely on school to arrange the final exams. Hoping we cover the right areas, find the right things to learn.

It really does feel like that a gap is opening up with his school based classmates.

“Well Dad I might end up failing my exams but at least I can watch the World Cup”

Always a bright side……

36 thoughts on “World Cup

  1. You have to admit that it’s not a bad bright side, given the appalling situation you’re finding yourselves in with the school system. When Hawklad’s not rooting for England he can root for Canada!

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  2. The thing about cogs in a wheel, is that the failure to be lubricated is not laid on the cog itself, nor on its fashioner, but on the system. It is similar with a person who is learning. Contrived lessons, moreover, while deemed “necessary” for success, often pale in value, beside their real-life counterparts, such as the World Cup. There is much fodder for learning, in observing the matches themselves-and in dissecting life in the host country of Qatar.

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  3. Quite likely Hawklad will have a more rounded education and be able to really excel at subjects thst interest him rather than having to abandon for some set curriculum. If he is prepared for adult life, you will have succeeded!

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  4. He is learning more than you think! I as a homeschooling mom am always amazed at the end of the year that we are on track. Does your school have its curricula available for you to base your days on? Remember not even public school kids finish everything they have to learn.


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