The fungi keep on coming in Yorkshire, must be the perfect weather for them.

Hawklad was muttering about school, in particular HISTORY.

“Dad why do they just focus on the bad stuff in history. Wars, murders, executions, purges, treachery, villains. We clearly spent month after month after month studying Victorian Serial Killers for a bit of light relief from the bad history stuff.”

Yes it has not exactly been a barrel of laughs.

“It’s been like this for years. Just bad history. Never the Good Stuff in history. The uplifting things. The Heroes. The groundbreaking discoveries. The breakthroughs. The great reformers. The adventures. The fun stuff. So many great things have happened in history yet we never look at them. “

It does make you think. Why months of schooling on Jack the Ripper and yet nothing on Mother Teresa or Marie Curie. Not a mention about the Moon Landings, Climbing Everest, Discovering Penicillin, the first flight, development of philosophy, art and literature, the good stuff we can be proud of in history.

History can be uplifting and inspiring. It’s doesn’t have to be always BAD…..

45 thoughts on “Bad History

  1. These are the observation of an open heart that looks at everything from a distance. I don’t remember that we have only focused on the dark sides of history.


  2. When I was taught about penicillin even that was made out to be a cock up… yep, you’re right; it’s not just the press with their fixation on ‘if it bleeds. it leads’.


  3. Absolutely on point, my friend, but I have no idea why historians celebrate the killer apes in our midst and leave the prophets—the ones with the answers that would allow us to survive in the world of fang and claw—to the clergy, who excel in boring those who deign to waste time in the hallowed halls of religion


  4. I loved history at school because we covered everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. But l also studied Classical History. Hawk could always read about other aspects of history anyway and not just be reliant upon the school stuff.


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