I was watching a video of some intrepid souls enjoying the last few days of the skiing season in Switzerland. It looked amazing. Made me want to hit the piste. Sadly I’ve never been proper skiing, just the full on physical pain that is dry slope skiing. The kind that you do on a mat that is as hard as kryptonite and as smooth as broken glass.

We have been to Switzerland a few times at this time of year and the weather is so full of contrast. Fresh snow on the tops, sunbathing and ice cream low down. Hawklad used to think it was so funny that you would be on a train going to somewhere like Grindlewald and you see people in flip flops and shorts, sitting next to those in full winter skiing kit heading towards the slopes.

Maybe one day in the future we can ditch the shorts and be one of those in full skiing kit. We can still dream.

That dream, better not tell the increasingly dodgy hip about that one…..😂😂😂😂😂😂

27 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. The weather in Switzerland is a metaphor for life isn’t it? We all must prepare for all sorts of conditions and enjoy what comes. People around us wear different garbs and costumes to cope with the seasons and situations and we are all observers. We learn, we appreciate and can be thankful for our lives no matter how hard the paths. And as you say…one day you may find yourself all suited up with boards strapped to your feet whizzing down a mountain but until that day you have to be the best dad ever…good job!

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  2. Looks beautiful, Gary, and that really is quite amusing about the range of weather. Hopefully you two can head back soon and try out the slopes this time!


  3. Dreams are what keep us going. A friend sent us a message today from Switzerland having recently driven from the UK. Long trip but it sounded wonderful and of course now they are in heaven. So of course I thought of you.


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