The Poor Daffs are taking a right weather pounding and yet they are still going strong. Definitely hardy souls. A varied learning/revision day for Hawklad.


UK River Landscapes,

Romeo and Juliet,

Cell Specialisation,

The 1846 Mormon Migration (Revision)

All in just over TWO HOURS…. If you read the blurb that school sends out, Hawklad should be doing a minimum 4 hours revision on every school day and a minimum 7 hours on a non school day.

****some parents might disagree with the next bit****

Learning and revision surely needs to be tailored around the individual needs and characteristics of the pupil. Some might suit the 7 hours of academia each day, others not so. The homeschooling of Hawklad over the last few years has revealed many things, one of which is…

Hawklad has a sweet spot for learning of up to 3 hours a day. Up to 3 hours and things go in, but quickly after that and his learning potential drops off a cliff. He gets rapidly tired and frustrated. His anxiety levels begin to spike. Connections aren’t made, facts don’t go in and they certainly don’t stay in. He even starts to struggle and get confused with the information he had earlier learnt so well.

7 hours of revision slog would just be counterproductive for him.

So we made a decision, Hawklad works for 3 hours max each day. Yes it limits what we can cover but surely quality is so much more important than quantity. Surely his well-being has to be paramount. Exams cannot be everything.

5 thoughts on “Time

  1. What you are saying makes way more sense than what the school system is saying. Kids in school aren’t learning for 7 hours either. Three hours is a very good amount of learning to do in a day.

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    1. The best teacher I had was a history teacher. He believed that we could only learn for 30 minutes before we got tired. He would do a mad cream everything in for the first 30 minutes of a lesson then he would sit at his desk and let the class relax, he would just answer any questions that people would ask him.

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  2. My daffodils are taking a “right weather pounding,” too, but even though they droop, they survive. My tulips are more fragile and having a tougher time of surviving the return of the cold weather. Perhaps that is the metaphor for kids learning. Some are like daffodils and others like tulips. Surely, finding the best “weather” (or learning environment) for the individual is more important that pounding everyone with the same weather system. Good for you for adapting what works best for your son.


  3. I so understand this. My brain gets confused and I become tired as well. I’m not sure they have ever put into practice how this really works. I bet they wouldn’t want to study for 7 hours. Wow… that’s a lot. Keep pushing on. Keep your chin up and your hopes high too. It’s not easy. I so know. ❤❤❤

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