Welcome to Yorkshire, apparently it is SPRING.. That stream is the road.

And yes we still have a hosepipe ban in place.

Funnily enough Hawklad had just been revising the effects of flooding for his Geography exam. Geography is a bit of a issue at present. The first exam is 4 weeks away and we are still waiting clarification on what areas Hawklad needs to work on in terms of the field study trips that he didn’t go on. There will be a number of questions on the exams about these trips. Hawklad doesn’t even know where the trips went and what was looked at. Any time soon School would help…..

Apparently the teacher is away and we won’t get an answer until next week now.

Having said that, Hawklad has more than enough other subjects to keep him busy.

Shame one of the field trips wasn’t about flooding, we could no that one.

23 thoughts on “Proper weather

  1. Wow, my friend (that’s all I have on flooding! I know it well, too)! Here’s to clear roads and a clear way of getting the Geography completed! Sending love and prayers always! 🙏🏻💛

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  2. It’s pouring cats and dogs right now over here too. However, I hope that eventually, Hawklad receives the necessary feedback soon enough. This is so unfair!!


  3. Oh field trips, I remember those. I remember those times that I hid normal clothes in my bag and went on walk-about (among other things, but that would really be saying).


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