Do you think I would get away with this in my garden as a bit of a water feature. You don’t think that it might be a tad pretentious. My current water feature is me walking about with a watering can….. Imagine the fun Captain Chaos would have with this.

We were in the garden (without a water feature) playing table tennis and trying to lift Hawklad’s spirits after a demoralising couple of hours revising. He was frustrated and dispirited because we had picked up that he had been using the wrong method to calculate something in mathematics. He’d apparently been doing it the wrong way for a couple of years but as the teacher hasn’t been looking at his submitted maths work, it wasn’t picked up until we spotted it.

He had an Easter Egg, I had a coffee with a BUTTY.

I came from a family that survived on Butties… Dad would always say only POSH people called them sandwiches. Most items could be placed between two slabs of bread for a tasty meal. Family favourites included

Fish Finger butties

Chip butties (My favourite)

Crisp butties (Mum’s favourite)

Baked Beans butties (don’t wear a white shirt eating this one)

Sausage butties

Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy butties (a particularly messy one)

Mushy Peas and Vinegar butties

Fried Egg and Tomato Ketchup butties

Last nights Pizza butties

Pork Pie butties (Dad’s favourite)

At one stage I even started having Pot Noddle butties

All things butties. I even once remember a debate about whether a slice of bread sandwiched between two other slices of bread counted as a Bread Butty or just three Slices of Bread. Whatever the answer to this philosophical point, we had so many butties as a family for one good reason. Bread was cheap, it was a cheap way of padding out our meals.

Now a thought has crossed my mind. Sitting in our garden, it’s summer, after the exams, next to that giant water feature, having a butty. That works…

38 thoughts on “Butty

  1. I learned a new word today – butty. Had to look it up. Thanks for that!

    I also like that despite the stress of exam prep, you are visualizing a positive moment post exams. It will get here for both of you. Hang in there and good luck!


  2. I think you found a very good method to lift up the mind of you two.
    Regarding wrong methods of calculating… I still don’t understand, why a method can be wrong that provides the correct results. That has been a mysterium to me when I went to school and still when my kids did. So stupid!


      1. A very questionable situation!
        Btw. just asking again. Would you allow me to quote you with these words of yours: “if people can mess it up, then people can make it a better world.” I would feel honored, Gary!


  3. I love Butties! And YOUR water feature is perfect. Sorry Hawklad was misdirected for such a length of time. I learned something new today~Butty! Thank you my friend. Sending many hugs! 💛


  4. You’ve heard of that huge book Mrs Beeton right? Well apparently she wrote in it the recipe for a toast sandwich. That is a squished piece of bread toasted and then that put a butty. It I think stems back to the time she was an older sister to her siblings, all of which were left to fend for themselves.
    On a personal level, I love a simple jam butty, from the jam butty mines of Knotty Ash, mined by diddy men of course. A cuppa tea (no milk) and a simple jam butty is all that.


  5. My lord…butties?? Raised on left over chip anes, which waas old chips on bread and butter. up here. Forget your burger bars, you and Hawklad should think re opening a buttie bar. You could have instant and gourmet. As for water features?? You could sell them in our courtyard at the mo courtesy of the dishwasher pipe emptying straight into it…..But seriously, I think you must see how well loved butties are. Great post.


  6. No, no, not pretentious at all. Lots of great fun!

    Pot noodle butter? 🧐 That sounds like a soggy situation.

    I didn’t know that I was posh. Here we would probably only think the term sandwich is posh if it is prefixed with the word “finger” finger sandwiches are so posh. Especially if you cut the crusts off you know.


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