The Farmer has been busy. The Farmer in a seriously thick jumper. The Farmer who was complaining to me about it being so cold for Spring. The village has an annual walk to the Bluebell Wood usually this last weekend in April. This year it is currently on hold as even the bluebells have decided it’s TOO COLD to make an appearance.

Don’t blame them….

The Farmer reckons the plants are at least a month behind where they should be. Hawklad with just a tad of irony, said that he’d would happily settle for just being a month behind schedule. I know what he means.

Hawklad is ploughing on with his exam revision, mostly sat by the fire. So much to do and not enough time. Probably only in one subject, History, will he fully complete the course before the exams. The other subjects he will be playing catch up right until the exams. But he’s still giving it a go, he is trying. So proud of him.

35 thoughts on “Farmer

  1. Our spring flowers are about two weeks behind. We have a month-long tulip festival every April, and they’re just now hitting peak bloom. And today it’s suddenly a warm 73 F degrees and sunny. Finally feeling like spring. Cheering Hawklad on!


  2. These are lovely photos Gary even without the flowers. As nature shows, you can be behind schedule but still find and have your moment to bloom under the sun. It’ll be the same for Hawklad. Best wishes to you and him with the exam prep! 🙏


      1. That’s right, that is all you can do. And you know and keep your eyes on it, your head cool, and your feet on the ground.


  3. I know you’re planning is all about the exams right now, but please plan on something good after. Make the mountain have two sides, with a view to look forward to.


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