Stood in the middle of the road, in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors. It’s rush hour….

Who can spot the vital national security establishment which they haven’t really bothered hiding….. how did they get planning permission for that. Us mere mortals living in these parts struggle to get permission to build even a small coal bunker these days.

Coal bunkers, I remember them. As a child our outside toilet was built next to the coal bunker. The toilet always had a faint hit of black soot covering the seat, the floor, the walls and the toilet paper. Probably not the only things covered as well…

So Hawklad’s exams are fast approaching. In Maths, History and English Literature we have just about made it to the revision stage. For the other subjects sadly we are still scrambling about trying to complete as much of the syllabus as possible. Just need to keep reminding Hawklad that each day, more progress is made. Even if sometimes it just feels like one small step, it’s still helps, it’s still moving forward, it all adds up.

There is so much additional stress and anxiety that’s why it’s so important that Hawklad gets a chance to breathe, to enjoy some of each day. And that’s why we found ourselves stood on an empty Moors road . He fancied a trip out to somewhere quiet, miles from anywhere, miles from the EXAMS.

Job done…..

11 thoughts on “Rush Hour

  1. When my own kids full on prepare for exams and feel as if they’ve done little, I always tell them that every little thing done matters. It is the difference between this day and the day before, this hour and the ones gone by.


  2. Soon it will all be over, and life can get back to normal. All the stress will be torgotten. Whatever happened happened, and you will both still be alive. Peace will return.


  3. uh huh…coal bunkers. I guess those are something used in areas that get truly cold? I am well versed in mountain hunting camps and out houses- we lived in them as kids for entire summers. But never had coal beside them. I think my grandfather stuck to kerosine heaters for the most part.


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