Well he survived the first day back at school. Currently he is bouncing on the trampoline. I have got no idea where the energy comes from. He trooped in from school. Gave the school day 2 out of 10. Demolished 3 tomatoes, an apple and a slice of cake. Gave me a run down on the newly announced Generation 8 of Pokemon. Apparently this generation is based on Britain – that’s going to the grumpiest bunch of Pokemon ever…. Then he set off for the trampoline.

This is all on the back of 2 hours sleep last night. Just too anxious to sleep.

His Dad is somewhat less energised. Evidenced by this morning. I had a morning meeting. So I left the house with car keys in hand. Ten minutes later I came to my senses. I had walked straight past the car, down the drive, out of the village and heading down the path towards the next village. No idea where I was walking. If it was work then that’s a 10 mile hike…….

67 thoughts on “I am walking

  1. Lol. I shouldn’t laugh really but it’s the sort of thing I would do. Sorry about the meeting though! Hope you caught up with things once you got there!

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      1. Well if you are, I am too lol. But you are not. You do a damned good job with yoyr son. It made me laugh because it reminded me of something my mum and dad did. Years ago. Not exactly forgetting something. But similar. They went to Morrisons supermarket and came out and could not find their car. A little yelliwisg Fiat. They searched and searched. They went home on the bus and reported the car stolen, to the police. The police we t to the house. They then took them down to Morrisons. The stire was by now clised, and there, all on its own in the car park stood their little Fuar! 😀. They never lived it down. No I don’t think you are dippy Gary. I think you are a very nice person who is very devoted to his son, and very brave. Sorry if I offended. Don’t know uf I did but if I dud I dudn’t mean to. 😊

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      2. Lol. Well one time, when hubby had a motor bike, before we hadd a car, he was going out to work, and he had his crash hat in but could not find the keys to his motor bike. He wandered round and round, then got panicky, then decided he couldn’t go to work because he couldn’t start his motor bike. When he got hus hat off his head, he exclaimed, “They’re here. On top of my head.” Lol. He had a habit of putting his keys into his crash hat when he got home, so when he put his crash hat on on this day, the keys landed on top of his head. Silly bugger lol 😀

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      3. And anyway, no one can be as dippy as me, running away in my piwer chair that goes all of four miles an hour! Hubby got the police, and they thought I was totalky bananas! It was pure stress and a need to have some freedom! I told the story of it in here I think. But I might tell it again for those that don’t know!

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  2. “grumpiest bunch of Pokemon ever…” Ha! 10/10. 🙂

    A 2/10 though… that’s not so good, but, as you point out, he survived. I hope you got the chance to discuss it with him? See what may need to be done so he can at least average out at 5’s?? 😉

    As for you – what are you like??(Tongue click) Pre-occupied maybe? Stressed? Stretched? All of the above… and then some? 🙂

    I hope you put the meeting to good use and caught up on a few Zzzzzz’s?

    Speaking of which, there may be evidence for the case of improving performance in various brain activities, such as sleeping (V. Important!!), memory (ditto), concentration (see sleeping and memory!) awareness and relaxation with the aid of (binaural) beat frequencies which cause the brain to resonate with brainwaves of the same frequencies by listening to the sounds through headphones, played from your ‘phone, computer or stereo or whatever.

    Simply put, these steady vibrations make it easier for your brain to ‘highlight’ the type of internal brain activity associated with each type of ‘task’ and also easier to not be so distracted by everything an overworked brain is trying to keep up with 24/7/365 so you can perform better, faster and easier than without them as most of us do every day (but most of us don’t have as many things that are as important to manage as you do).

    At least that’s the theory, i’m trying to put it into practice to see how it might work for me, but i need to start with teaching my brain how to relax/meditate effectively before jumping in to all the other stuff it may assist with.

    There are you-tube vids you can play at night when going to sleep that can give you better ‘value’ sleep, or so they claim! 😉

    There is some solid science research being done but it’s early days yet and developing as we speak. (type!) 🙂

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    1. It’s almost as if the body has got accustomed to little sleep. Cycle seems to be weeks of little sleep, then one decent night then back into the sleepless pattern again. Trying to avoid medication – body and brain got me into this they can get me out as well…..

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      1. It’s amazing how accustomed to things our bodies can become…. BUT… the brain tends to give priority to what we need to stay alive rather than what modern man does to keep body and soul together so we might just be able to live but likely perform far below a normal ability and use more energy in the process, resulting in feeling tired all the time and making poor decisions/mistakes.

        I hate to be negative but your body and brain had nothing to do with some of the pressures you are living through, a few maybe, but not some of the bigger ones therefore it’s unlikely they can fix them all on their own.

        But i agree with the concept of avoiding medication – to a point. 😉

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