This was the Yorkshire summer last week. It’s now over for the year. We are now in Autumn.

Son told a story from school today.

A couple of weeks ago one of the kids in his class got an exclusion. Repeat rule breaker. Before the exclusion he racked up 110 negatives. So he was shown the big red card. Banned from school for 5 days. It was really convenient for the kid as it came immediately before the half term holiday. So he got two weeks off.

On his return the teacher confirmed that he now had a clean record and all his previous negatives had been wiped from the record. He then asked if that meant that his newly created clean record entitled him for the end of year clean record reward. Kids with clean records are entitled to go an a trip to the local amusement park. After checking it was confirmed that as long as he didn’t pick up another negative then yes he was eligible. He punched the air and shouted “get in”. Unfortunately the teacher took offence to this and gave him a negative.

After the class the kid apparently told the group that he now had 4 months to pick up another 109 negatives so he could get another isolation and have his record wiped again.

It’s a kinda tenacity. But you really couldn’t make it up….

46 thoughts on “Tenacity

  1. Now that really is a stroke of genius. Fair play to the lad being steps ahead and switched on to that little loophole but ultimately the title for his one goes to the teacher.

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  2. There you go with the Summer/Autumn thing again – it this typical British humour/sarcasm or have you forgotten this is actually officially Spring now where you guys are? 🙂

    On the bright side… your part of Yorkshire looks like a wilderness paradise – if we have to live in this weird world there could be worse places! Hope you get more chances to enjoy it as the year progresses?

    School is a place you go to to be taught stuff. That kid is learning something that probably will come in useful later in [–gaol–;-)] his life, but i’m pretty sure it’s not what his teachers are being paid to teach!

    I’m sorry that your son has that teacher/school/education(??)system. It is not one i’d like to have to endure.

    Now go get some sleep! 😉

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      1. Well it’s really quite silly – what is considered PC these days and what is not.

        I still find it strange that so many schools are now telling parents off for cheering their youngsters on when and during games? I mean how does the competitive edge develop if there is no cheering on?

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