Three wonderful mums have set off towards the light over the last 3 years.

My Partners Mum. A wonderful Quaker who always looked for the potential good in everybody.

My Mum. Gave her whole life for her family. The most resilient person I will ever meet. All she wanted in return was to watch a good movie with a cup of tea and a cream bun.

My Partner. The perfect parent to our son. She was just the most beautiful person.

While trying to sort out our son’s school iPad I came across this few words which made me cry. Not sure what the school lesson was about but the message he conveyed was abundantly clear.

I miss you so much you are the best mum you can have. You gave me life and I owe you everything because you gave everything to me and all your love. You are the best. I miss you so much but I would do it all again. I miss you so much Mum but I know that you will be with me forever.

Thank you to all the mums out there. Thank you for being brilliant everyday of the year. Sending you hugs.

96 thoughts on “Mothers Day

  1. Thinking of you both. Beautiful words by your son. Surely your partner, her mum and yours are smiling watching over you both and proud of the amazing job you are doing. Sending love and hugs to you both.

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  2. I know it’s a bitter sweet day, bitter because of the departures, but sweet because of the memories you hold dear in your heart and knowing one day you all will be reunited.
    You’re wearing many hats today, that of mom, dad, among others know you are being guided by those you love and love you in return. Happy Mother’s Day 😊🙏🏽

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  3. 😔 I can’t imagine how difficult it has been for you and your son. Thank you for sharing. I’m sending hugs back at you for being a great dad. None of us are perfect parents but when you make your son priority, despite your own grief, that’s pretty close 💕

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