Three things from this photo

  • OMG the garden needs some attention (only a little bit in view but it’s a fair representation of the rest)
  • I must take down last years Catherine Wheel Firework
  • Captain Chaos with a couple of his best buddies.

The dog has many buddies. Our fat cat (he particularly likes him when he is covered in food and he becomes a mobile dinner plate). The Frog and the Toad who he desperately tries to lick when they hop across the garden. The Pigeon who he follows round the garden. The Sheep who he likes sniffing. The Squirrel who buries his nuts in our lawn and the dog who goes round digging them up. AND TWO COWS.

The farmer has a herd of cows in the field which backs onto our garden. Something like 30 cows and he will bark at 28 of them. Especially if they come anywhere near our (sorry his) fence. So they tend to keep their distance. But two cows are different. Two are clearly special. He doesn’t bark at them, just wags his tail furiously. When the cows see the dog they immediately head towards the fence and meet the crazy mutt. Then the meeting of species gets a tad personal. Nose to nose, looking into eyes and much licking. I’m not sure who has got the worse of this arrangement. Not sure I fancy being licked by a cow but I’m not sure a crazed Captain Chaos lick attack is much fun either. This lasts for about 5 minutes then they slowly walk along the fence munching on grass. This can go on for hours – it’s the only time the dog does anything slowly. Yes our dog pretends to be a cow.

Have any of your pets had strange buddies?

61 thoughts on “Best buddies

  1. My pets (5 moggies) are all so strange that they have no buddies! That, plus the fact that they are all too afraid to go outside! 😉 Love the pic of your pup and the cows being friends, though!

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  2. Think all our have strange buddies but –

    “Cassi” my old springer spaniel was best friends with a horse she would go see, have some kind of chat then horse shot off in one directly and the dog shot off in the other. They galloped around playing chase and Cass would duck under and skip out of the field when Lucy was giving her the jeebies running right up behind on her heels

    Puddi is friends with just everyone in the world. Unless one starts to stamp a foot and get cocky, she goes wiggling and wagging her tail to play with sheep.

    Fleet is like a young and absolute textbook serial killer in the making. He rips open all the faces of teddies, plush toys and carefully removes the eyes, nose and then discards what last – a small stuffed animals with no face 😦 😦

    Your dog looks beautiful by the way. Gorgeous colour and shiny coat 😀

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  3. OMG this is so funny and also very sweet and awesome. I once had a dog and a cat that got on famously but our cat was fond of cleaning the dog – he did not share her fondness for this activity and would grumble about it a lot. It was hilarious. After putting up with it for a few minutes he’d get up and walk around the room to plop down far away from her. It never worked. She was determined to bathe him. The chorus of grumbling was so funny – wish I had a video – but while we lived in rural areas we never had anything like you describe go on. Our dog liked to chase moose out of the yard though.

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  4. I had a pet raccoon once who had me as a strange buddy. When I had measles, my mom bathed him and baby powdered him and let him be in bed with me, since I had to be in a dark room so I couldn’t read and couldn’t have human company for fear they’d catch my measles. She made me keep my hands on top of the covers so I wouldn’t scratch and cause scars, but Zippy went under the covers and delicately itched each one of my pocks with gentle little fingernails. This is a true story!!!

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  5. It must be cold up there… those two cows look freesian! 😉

    I wonder why CC has a beef with the rest of the herd?

    Only ever really had one true pet – a german shepherd from a pup – and he only had one really weird friend.


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  6. Aww that’s so cute! Can you see anything different about these cows, or why he’d like them more than the others? I think animals can communicate in ways that we just can’t.

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  7. That is adorable. My dog wants to be friends with every dog he sees and whines when he can’t meet EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

    He likes squires but only because they are fun to chase.

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  8. Our backyard when I was growing backed up to a cow pasture. I loved when they would show up! I had no dog then because my parents were allergic but how fun that your dog has made friends with two of them!!

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  9. Friendship between different animals has GOT TO BE one of life’s most joyous possibilities. And I’m talking about every animal except us humans because, let’s face it, we don’t know the first thing about being a friend. We could all learn a thing or two from Captain Chaos and his ‘strange’ buddies 😁🪁🐶

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