It’s hot. Yes I’ve said it now. Yes Yorkshire is hot. When I say hot I mean hot for Yorkshire which probably means it’s probably two jumper weather in Arizona.

A grand day for a trip to the zoo.

Clearly the zoo animals had the right idea. Stay in the shade and watch the silly humans walk round in the blazing sun.

Dad can I have a slush.

What a grand idea. Unfortunately the kiosk informed us that they had just switched the slush machine on and if we came back in a couple of hours they should be available. It was a similar story with the ice cream machine. So we purchased from the limited available snack range. Sat in the hot sun with two cider lollies and a bag of just fried hot donuts.

Dad it’s a good job your a professional athlete or you would be getting a Dads Belly.

Clearly a kid with Aspergers don’t have a sense of humour. Come on Hollywood get your facts right.

Dad it’s getting too busy.

And with that we left. But the zoo gave us one last memory. As we were walking out of the main door a delivery driver had arrived and asked a parking supervisor where he was supposed to drop off. He was told “Through those gates. Just unbolt the lock and drive into the compound. Just make sure you lock the gate immediately”. The delivery driver in a slightly alarmed voice asked “Are you sure”.

Visions of Jurassic Park and a driver about to come face to face with a suitably pissed off carnivore came to mind. Clearly the driver had similar thoughts as he made sure he round his van window up before he ventured any further.

72 thoughts on “Hot

  1. This is a long comment, but the last bit reminded me of taking our kids on a safari park ride in California. It was closed down because a granny was cooking bacon in a screen doored van while they drove through the park.🙄🤪 A lion attacked her grandson standing beside her at the door and she fought the lion off and they survived. It makes you wonder about the sanity of people!

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  2. Zoos conflict me. It is nice to be able to see and smell living creatures, maybe even meet eyes with them. But a polar bear does not belong in such heat. Nor do the otters, or whatever the sleeping animals are. They all belong in the wild, with their friends and families.

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    1. The bears were rescued from really bad conditions with no space. Here they are given huge enclosures. So yes it’s not the natural habitat but it’s reasonable in the circumstances. Unfortunately due to climate change and human behaviour the best zoos are becoming the most viable options from many creatures.


  3. Not sure I’d have been to keen to drive into the compound either! 😂 The zoo looks lovely though, I have family up that neck of the woods so I’ll have to see if they’ve ever been and suggest it if they haven’t already. Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday & the oddly warm weather we’re having!
    Caz x

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      1. Yeah. I used to get my kill coming off of planes in Edinburgh. The ‘eco’ system is different here. I know there’s been great weather this weekend. Just no here.

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  4. I have to ask … just how hot was it? Here, it’s been 94° F, or 34.4° C every day for a week, but my friend John who lives in Arizona says it’s been 110° there for a couple of weeks now (that’s 43.3° C). So, how hot is hot in Yorkshire? 😉

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  5. Hollywood and facts or reality are mutually exclusive! 😉

    Sorry about the slushy’s/ice cream, but, to be fair, who would expect it to be hot in Yorkshire in summer?? I was watching the cricket and thought they must have moved location to, say, Cornwall?. But No! – Leeds. IN SUNSHINE???

    The world’s gone mad, mad i tell you.

    Glad you both got some father and Sun time! 😉

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