Pets have really worked with our son. They provide so much fun and relaxation to him. Since he lost his mum they brought noise and life into the house again. That’s before we even consider the help they have provided with his Aspergers. Best parenting decision ever to bring them into our house. Not such a great financial decision but fiddle sticks to that.

One day we will get a sensible pet. It certainly isn’t the walking dinner plate which is our boy cat. It most certainly isn’t the mad pup currently outside trying to play hide and seek with the butterflies. The hope was that the three gerbils would bring some much needed sanity to the house. Team Gerbils maybe a super hero team ready to assemble but they are also a unrivalled demolition team.

The first house they had was plastic and lasted minutes. The second house was compacted straw and met a similar fate. We upped the anti for the third house with a construction of wood and wire. It has lasted longer however last night Team Gerbils got to work.

To be fair to them they did stack what was left of the house neatly to one side.

Dad we need to get them a new house don’t want them to get angry. You wouldn’t like them when they are angry.

So it’s wooden house version 2.

Notice that in the time it took me to get my mobile to take a photo Team Gerbils have got stuck into the roof.

If this house fails then it’s a phone call to Tony Stark and it’s time for Ironman Armour.

66 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. First, I love how you keep your son busy with the gerbils. Obviously, it relieves stress on him by playing with Team Gerbil” – I just love that.
    I have always had pets since I was a baby myself. When I was married, we had a pitbull, cat, the parrot I own now to this day, a gecko, hermit crabs out the ying-yang, and at least 4 hamsters, with the house and links that went throughout an entire room, plus a tarantula (That was kept in a room I never entered).
    Pets have always had a calming effect on me. I’d be lost without my parrot, Peanut.

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  2. The walking dinner plate made me laugh 🙂 That’s a good one! And now I see my lab in a whole new persona. The gerbils are funny too – hope they like and don’t destroy their new house!

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      1. Oh my gosh, I think she spends most of her days in the laundry room in time out for questionable decision making. Tipping over trash cans seems to be her favorite hobby. Walking dinner plate 🙂

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  3. Gerbils need to chew, if for nothing else to to keep their teeth short and sharp. I would be taking the time over the next while to build them a a nice cage, and leave one replaceable wall that they can chew when they need to, and have replacements ready as needed. Protect the rest with glass or metal screening. I’m betting you and your son could spend a lot of special time designing and creating an ultimate home for the gerbils, with runs and a wheel, and other playthings. Cat proof of course!
    Have fun, whatever you do.

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  4. I LOVE the latest wooden house … it reminds me of the little cabin in the forest I have long dreamed of! I don’t know too many dads … oh wait, I don’t know another dad in the world … who would go to so much trouble for the gerbils, and by extension, the boy. 👍👍

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  5. I’ve noticed that every pet we have is batty🤪 Even the Bearded Dragon has do things differently, like hibernating (brumation to be technical) in the summer.
    I wonder if we draw batty animals or if they turn batty from living with us????

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  6. They certainly seem a formidable trio!

    If only they could turn their destructive power into positive directions – like chewing up Boris’ political platform he’s standing on when the sharks are circling beneath him???


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