Life is full of choices.

This morning it was pouring down but the forecast was for sun. What to wear on the run. I opted for full rain gear. 10 minutes into the run it’s blazing sunshine. Ended up more drenched than I would have been if I had started in just a T-shirt in the rain.

The Government could have saved Thomas Cook from going under. They decided not to. Apparently they were worried about not getting the £200m back. So 22000 people world wide have lost their jobs. Countless thousands are stranded. Holidays, honeymoons, once in a life time adventures have been ruined. Lots of hard up people are losing money on the bookings they have made.

Last night in the rain storm water came in through the back door. Do I find money to replace the old back door or find the money to replace the misfiring washing machine.

A few years back the Government didn’t win enough seats in the election. It had a choice to make. It decided to find over £1billion to bribe another party to back it so they could keep their jobs in government. Wonder when we will get that money back.

A few months ago I was faced with a decision. Keep son in school or homeschool. I opted for keeping him in school on the grounds that I couldn’t afford to home school (single working parent) and hope school will improve the support to our son. Few weeks into the term of any school support has in fact stopped. Probably a bad call.

The Government had a choice to make on Brexit. It’s decided to go for a no deal crash out. An approach which will make many in the cabinet and it’s friends significant money from hedge-fund investments. It’s also will have to spend over £6billion on Brexit planning. I wonder when we will see that money back.

So in life we all have choices to make. The big difference is that the vast majority of us may get decisions wrong but they will have been taken with the best of intentions. That doesn’t apply to Government. Ultimately they are looking after themselves….

65 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Ah, how the poor folks at the bottom of the heap don’t matter but are but there to get our backs trodden by those at the top. Chin up. You never made a bad call in that you called it with the best of intentions within what you had. Chin up.

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      1. Well like that when he bottled that Luxembourg conference, I had fun with someone on twitter from down your way, we rewrote Dedicated Follower of Fashion to Dedicated Follower of Brexit. I thought the bit about the polka dots and stripes was good as it stood then I thought it read better as ‘One week he’s in parliament and the next week he’s in jail.’
        It would be very nice. Truly.

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    1. Ig you go on you tube and put in Bawbag Boris Pete Scally, you should get a nice rendition of living next door to Boris. I hesitate to put the link cos yep there’s cuss words. The best bits are the stewards getting the folks involved. Of course there’s the usual comment about just look at the SNP outing, fan base, cos there’s not many people but this was the warm up to a march I think had 22 thou on it in Perth, things the media bury. Anyway, I do think the words are clever but for me it’s the way the two stewards start joining in, gradually at first.

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      1. Oh aye… I liked the words about he put them on a bus… And actually it is so up here in Scotland that you get the stewards–from some event co. and you pay the stewards to manage the event and they go beyond the call of duty.

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      2. I want to think that this morning is good in that I have very deep concerns about the way this whole thing is going and I am not just talking leaving the EU. I don’t like the things I am seeing and the historic parallels because these things started somewhere. I want to think that this is as being said, a demonstration that you cannot do what he’s doing. No-one is above the law. But unless someone can lock that bastard up and make him properly accountable for the laws he is breaking,, unless they can get rid of him as PM, I can also well see where you are coming from and yes, it all just keeps getting worse and worse.

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  2. Government always put themselves first. That’s why politicians get pay rises in double figures and expense accounts whereas nurses, firefighters, police and the like get 1% if they’re lucky and have to struggle. Government stinks and have no idea about the reality of the lives people they are supposed to represent have to face.

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  3. I heard on our radio that UK has hired 40 jets to help bring back 150,000 UK citizens stranded overseas because of the collapse. How much of that cost to you the taxpayer are they going to get back and why could they not have arranged a bridging loan to cover TC’s trading until all people could return safely with no inconvenience/stress?

    Self-centred numpties just does not quite seem strong enough language. 😦

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  4. The big difference is that most of us have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

    Public schoolboys like Johnson, Rees-Mogg et al can just fall back on their inheritances if things go pear shaped.

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      1. Very true. I remember seeing something a while ago about the fact that many of the extreme Brexiters happen to have large sums of money stashed away in Malta. So they’ll be okay.

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  5. Not to mention a PM who before he was in office spent millions lying to people about the benefits of leaving the EU and now accuses parliament of being undemocratic for trying to block the will of the people, the same people he duped into making a bad decision we are al going to pay a terrible price for.

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  6. I think it is worse than simply selfishness, it is an ideology that wealth creation trumps everything else, but when it goes wrong, drop it like a stone. An absence of compassion. An absence of duty of care. Everything is measured by the bottom line. This corrupt lot depress the hell out of me, but what worries me most is that an awful lot of people out there share their views. I find it impossible to understand.

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