Dad I hate art at school. It’s so strict. I always thought art would be fun.

Art is not like that very often. It should be about just letting your imagination roam wild. It should be great fun.

Dad did you enjoy art at school then.

No hated it. We had a strict art teacher. But to be fair to her our school was a war zone. A 2B pencil or fine tip paint brush would be seen as a legitimate weapon by most of the idiots in my class.

My class is ok. It’s got some very nice kids in. Even the ones who cause all the trouble mainly get into trouble for really petty things. Like last week half the kids in the drama lesson got a negative because they forgot to bring a black T-shirt. The teacher said we needed one in the first lesson but didn’t talk about other lessons.

That’s too harsh. In my day you had to do something properly bad to get something like that.

Tell me about your mad class again.

We had someone who burnt the church hall down. Another boy was appalled when he found out someone else had been put on report for something he had done. He went off to sort it out. We assumed he was going to own up. That must have been plan B as he was caught trying to set fire to the headteachers desk. We ended up with two boys who went to borstal for robbery. Another boy who went to prison for attempted murder.

Are the two robbers those muppets.

Yep. While one of them broke into an off licence the other went to get a getaway vehicle. Unfortunately all he could find was an electric milk float. So a few minutes later they were trying to escape with the float engine burning up at 10mph with police cars in very slow pursuit. One of the muppets was on the back of the float throwing milk at the police. They didn’t get very far.

Shall I draw a picture about those two for Art. I still need to do my homework. Don’t won’t to get a negative.

No why don’t you pick something else. Something more arty. Why not a drawing of the farm. Or a flower. Something nice.

Ok, something nice it is then.

**So he disappeared in his room for an hour to do his nice masterpiece**

Dad I’ve finished. Nice. Is a bit of Tim Burton ok.

62 thoughts on “Art

      1. Educators and developmental therapists call that a “pincer grasp”. Please forgive me if I am telling you things you already know….there are lots of simple, low tech activities that you all can do at home to improve his grip. It’s basically like physical therapy for the hand (and brain!). A quick web search of “pincer grasp activities” yielded lots of results. Some of the activities are “babyish”, but you can remedy that by choosing different types items and/or turning it into a game for him. Still, I really do like the drawing. The concept and detail are certainly there, and I personally think the broad, gross motor strokes are what make it so striking 🙂

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      2. Thankyou so much for taking the time to answer this. The NHS have been trying to do some therapy on this but they are not sure if it is going to work. It’s the mix of autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia which is causing a number of his muscle groups to be permanently straining. But I’ve looked up your suggestions and found a couple of ideas we haven’t tried yet.

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  1. You can’t get much more ‘Arty’ than Tim Burton movies! 🙂

    Sleepy Hollow by any chance?? 😉


    Errrr… just one minor thing.

    Did you check on what his assignment for art homework actually was?

    I just have a feeling of impending doom… maybe i’ve been looking at his drawing for too long?? 😉

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      1. He’s still in stick figure area. He just started keeping a journal. I love it. He ends every passage with “that’s all for now.” BUT in each passage he tells the reader where he is by drawing a picture. Mostly of soccer balls but it’s a start!

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