And still it rains.

My phone is old but at least it’s just about waterproof.

Unlike my old battered raincoat which is anything but waterproof.

Our helpful government likes to point out to the great unwashed – there is no magic money tree. Well there is but it’s only available to the few. So like many households the number of items which are beyond their useful life is growing each day. Yet as we don’t have access to a money tree we just have to make do. Our list is not unusual.

  • Washing Machine – can’t select a cycle you get what the machine gives you. Plus it has a door which doesn’t shut properly so it needs to be kicked until it locks.
    Oven – has two settings no heat or nuclear fusion.
    Car – needs 4 new tyres which at least will triple the value of the car.
    Back Door – has so many leaks it’s been renamed WikiLeaks.
    Hairdryer – only blows cold.
    Shower – produces about as much water as the smallest water pistol.
    Dvd Player – only plays discs if they have been properly cleaned by Mary Poppins. Every disk seems to go into mad picture breakdown on the merest speck of dust.
    Boiler – was installed prior to the introduction of video recorders and home computers.
    Light switches -No lights in one room so it’s a great place to play hide and seek.
    Microwave Oven – has more rust than my first ever car (mk1 Ford Escort).
    Conservatory Door – doesn’t shut anymore unless you are called The Hulk.
    Laptop – in a permanent state of update and has as much processing power as a stick of rhubarb.
    Camera – has never been the same since it was accidentally dropped into a pan of boiling bake beans. Now everyone ends up looking like Donald Trump.
    Chimney – to narrow to safely light a fire. What were the builders thinking of. How the fiddle sticks did Santa get down that.
    Tumble Dryer – as much drying effect as one of my sneezes.
    Curtains – all shredded by cats.
    Furniture – all shredded by cats.
    House – all shredded by the cats.
    Freezer – the 3 plastic draws have disintegrated so all the food is just wedged in. When you open the door it’s an explosion of food items.
    Dish Washer – is no more, it is an ex dishwasher.

Every week the list of disrepair gets longer. But you just get on with it. Make the best of things. See the funny side to it. And above all remember that as bad as you think things are THERE are so many people out there with no home and no possessions. Which is appalling when you think of the wealth the few control. Just think what good that magic tree could do in the right hands.

36 thoughts on “Magic Tree

  1. I think your honesty like your writing is refreshing in a world that seems to be deep in denial about so many things. I sympathize. My hubby has not been able to work since 2004 or thereabouts and has been on a disability pension. I work part-time and between the two of us we get by. I shudder to think what will happen to the other when one of us leaves for the great beyond. It’s scary! And it’s true there is money enough and then some for those who have the power to access “the magic tree”. Praying for you – that you receive all you need, and wishing I was in a position to help.

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  2. I have the same dishwasher I’ve had since I was 7…🤲 I’d probably fall over in a faint if I lived in a place with a dishwasher. Maybe if you leave the dishes by the leaky back door, squirt a bit of soap, the rain will wash them???
    Just a thought…

    We have holes in the walls, missing or broken tile, a broken back gate…all courtesy of Taz-Ben.

    I did apply for food supplement from the state. I was approved for $15.00 a month… I wonder if
    I can buy duct tape with food money🤔


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      1. Ah. Multi-tasking. At least you attempted. I tried pulling a frozen-dinner lasagne from the toaster oven a week ago (one task) and wound up with an Italian explosion. I’m not sure what happened, exactly but, did you know that lasagne, when it hits the floor, is much like napalm on bare legs? I have food-related battle wounds that continue to heal…slowly.

        I feel for ya’.

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  3. If there was a magic money tree available to the likes of us i bet it would not look as pretty as yours does – even in the rain! Beauty like that is priceless and you have it right outside your front door (i assume? Within walking distance surely??)

    Anyway, if you did have one you’d probably only waste it on silly things like essentials, or staying home so your son could home school!

    That’s a pretty long list. 😦

    So, your dishwasher is now defunct., It’s shuffled off it’s mortal coil! It is no mowah!!! 😉

    I’m my house’s dishwasher and i have only one setting – slow and steady – but i can choose between hot and cold wash. Never lived in a house with a dishwasher, doubt i ever will.

    Like you, i can see that in many, many ways I am fortunate, particularly when compared to the ‘average’ members of the world’s society’s. It’s a good thing to be able to put our own difficulties in their proper perspective compared with those of some, even some of those surviving in our own First World countries.

    Being a single parent still generally sucks big time though – wherever you happen to live. 😦

    Praying the light at the end of the tunnel starts getting closer sometime soon and does not turn out to be a speeding express train.

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