The rain clouds finally moved on and the sun shined briefly today.

If you open your eyes it’s amazing what gifts this beautiful world of ours will bestow on you.

The news in many countries is usually grim these days. In the U.K. we find our country run by the most extreme and dangerous government this country has seen in centuries. Your either completely agree with them or you are branded a traitor. An enemy of the people. We have become a country were a PM is hailed by his supporters like a conquering roman emperor after he was found guilty of breaking the law by our highest court in the land. A country where the PM is openly stoking the fires of intolerance and hatred. Where intimidation is commonplace. Brexit has broken the country. Was it really worth it.

So parents have to bring up their children in this toxic environment. A world made toxic by the adults. As a generation we have monumentally failed. We continue to find new ways of making things worse. Our leaders play a daily game of who can be the biggest cheating lying dork. Who can bring down their democracy first. Who can burn the planet fastest.

But hope has not been vanquished. The decent law abiding amongst us greatly outnumber the deluded. The next generation have not been blinded by the madness and greed. The educational system may try to clip their wings but it’s the job of parents to keep those dreams burning bright. The young like Greta are the future. The planet is still staggeringly beautiful. Just a short walk can yield such wonders.

So tomorrow Johnson will continue to try and push our country nearer the precipice. But take a quick walk and look at what is around you. Take a good look at the faces of the young. See their dreams. That’s the important stuff. That’s what should be guiding our direction. Not the poisonous Brexit agenda – whether we should leave or remain. Regardless of what happens we are going to have to get the country working again. Bringing the artificial divisions together again. A time to marginalise the extremists, build bridges (not walls) and reclaim our wonderful planet again. The kids deserve that.

60 thoughts on “Worth it

  1. They do. it will be their world, and sooner than these buffoons care to understand. I include our [Australian] buffoon in that judgement, who tried to rubbish the young woman with the guts to stand up to all of them and speak for all of the new thinkers, the young, who still need hope and dreams. and the prospect of a future.

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  2. With impeachment started we’ll see if the Orange Idjit gets the boot.
    The Earth would be much happier without us humans. She will survive if we destroy ourselves.

    What kind of berries are those? Some kind of tree or shrub? Very pretty.

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  3. To me Greta came across as a girl who had been abused and whose mind had been enslaved. She was consumed with hate. I was blown away at how modern society (probably her teachers) had destroyed her. I was devastated. She was no ambassador for climate change – quite the opposite. It was a disgusting display of hate, as opposed to your delightful and beautiful capturing of the earth’s beauty and bounty.

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  4. Excellent berry shots, Sir! I can get you started with the black ones – Elderberries, and i’m sure there will be a cockspur thorn (type of hawthorne) in there somewhere.

    Your post is similarly excellent, i feel, however i would challenge one small part.

    There can be little doubt that Britain is pretty much broken now but i don’t think Brexit actually broke it, although it has been dragged out for so long it is easy to equate the two things into one event.

    The reason i say that is that i believe there were very big and deep cracks in British society long before the Brexit referendum began, possibly going back to Thatcher’s Britain, perhaps even earlier.

    Many people in London and other major population centres, some of whom were not born here, believed things were going reasonably well for them and their Britain because of the union with the EU. The problem was this was not distributed evenly amongst all of the population and many people were becoming increasingly disillusioned with their ‘leaders’ choices and decisions. These ‘cracks’ were part of what lead Cameron to call the referendum so long ago now, believing that the ‘majority’ would put the matter to rest for a while.

    The majority spoke up. (Although almost certainly an under-informed majority).

    The Elite don’t want to hear what those disenfranchised Britons say about how they feel, or their preference to have more say in their future than the EU allowed them previously.

    As is usually the case (other than in 1789 in France and 1905 in Russia) i believe the Elite will prove to be the victors in this brouhaha!

    I’d love it if this proved to be the British ‘exception’, although this time the Royalty are not the ones we need to get rid of!

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    1. Thatcher shock the system at a time when the opposition had made itself unelectable. But since then increasing numbers have been struggling. We had a few years when suddenly things started to improve but the banking crash destroyed that. Under the coalition and Cameron austerity started to build the pressure points up again. Then his Brexit folly to keep his party from splitting suddenly released the pressure and its split the country apart. Suddenly extremists have become mainstream. The hostility between the two polarised positions is frightening. And the new elite is feeding off that.

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      1. Astutely put – can’t help but think mass media and social media both have a big part to play in it all and that the GFC placed more strain on what was already a fragile world wide economic situation which has only increased the divide and distrust between peoples of almost all nations, polarising us into factional extremes and the UK is but one clear example.

        Can’t help but think too of the old maxim: Divide and Conquer.

        If we are too busy fighting each other those who are the real problem can virtually sit back and do what they like.

        Trump is a master of pitting people against each other to get what he wants.

        Too many are learning from his example.


      2. I read a report in our paper. The Johnson family is at war with each other with his journalist sister proving that intollerable hypocrisy runs through it like the Rhine runs through Germany (Don’t mention the war!). She accuses the PM of using ‘tasteless’ language in parliament while using utterly vile language herself in her paper in the process of condemning him??
        And then there’s the Labor MP who cannot even contemplate such divisive language from Boris as inciting ‘Anything but a debate’ in a land that is just about ready to explode into violence. Can these people really be THAT stupid??

        ( No need to answer that question, it’s rhetorical.) 😦

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  5. Beautiful post! I felt just the same seeing berries on my walk yesterday! As you know I wilfully ignore politics etc and choose to look at the beauty no matter what! Found this by accident just now


  6. It’s all about profit, all over the world. Divesting the poor of what little they have, and locking it away in the banks of the rich where no one can get at it. People no longer count, and only money talks. What it has to say is ugly, but it is all Big Brother will let us hear.
    Yorkshire, Italy, Canada, Timbuctu, where doesn’t matter.

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