It’s a hard life being a dog. Millions of years of evolution has peaked with dogs like ours playing with cuddle toys. Survival of the fittest has become survival of the best stitched together dog toy. That’s the sort of evolution I can buy into to.

56 thoughts on “Evolution the dog way

      1. We’ve had several cats over the years, each one so unique. I once had a male cat that was absolutely nasty – great mouser, but not an ounce of sweetness in his personality at all! Maybe he was related to your girl cat. LOL

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  1. Oh yes – our little pug is quite piggish with toys. Really hates to share and shreds them to bits. But I can say, I have never seen a dog who has loved toys more. Well, maybe Captain Chaos 🙂

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  2. Do I take it that his crocodile has met an untimely end? 😉

    I still think you are passing up a goldmine by not getting CC his own You-tube channel!

    The next logical step in his evolution should be ‘net influencer!!

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