Autumn is definitely here. The flowers have gone. Many of the trees are bare. The leaves that remain have increasingly turned vivid red. My partner loved this time. She would find any excuse to spend time outside. Just looking at the colours. Today looking at the reds in the garden I have purpose. These eyes are looking for her as well. I try to spend an extra minute. Spending as much time as she would.

Before the world changed my partner would be fixated on the colours but I would have other things on my mind. Cobwebs. I love Autumn for the intricate and beautiful cobwebs which begin to take over our world. The young spiders have had all summer to grow. It’s also a time when spiders are out looking for mates. AND the weather and the dampness are perfect for adding to the cobwebs drama.

The weather is perfect but for some reason the cobwebs are largely missing. Still no abundant arachnid display. Maybe next week. Then we can be both happy. But at least this weekend we did get one cobweb. Hopefully it’s the start of Autumn becoming complete.

58 thoughts on “Where are the cobwebs

  1. We have had a spider baby boom year. Something about our longer, wetter spring has brought more spiders than usual. I love the webs but not all the spiders. We have Black Widows everywhere 😱
    Since one of the first things Ben did when we moved here was destroy all the window screens, we get to enjoy spiders and their webs without having to step outsideπŸ™„πŸ˜‚
    The reds are beautiful! We dont get much of that here.

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  2. Love those red leaves. We had lots of spiders earlier this year. Most were evicted to green spaces, but a few left to spin their webs on our windows. They too, have now disappeared. It hasn’t been frosty so I don’t know where they have suddenly all gone? Quite weird really.

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  3. Good to know you’re putting that ‘awareness/take the time’ practice to good use! πŸ™‚

    Is that a red bud in the top photo?? Do you know what flower it might be?

    Derrick (or, more accurately, Jackie) took lots of shots of the webs in their garden recently – perhaps the spiders’ve moved South for the warmth?

    There are some estimates that the Earth has as many as 1 000 000 spiders per ACRE of fields, so if they are not around your house there is still a pretty fair chance you have lots close by.

    Speaking of fields, i just read that it has been proven spiders can not only detect electric fields as weak as that of our own Earth, but actually use them to FLY! It’s called ‘ballooning’ where they spin a strand of web, which becomes negatively charged like the Earth, and this then is both repelled by the Earth’s -ve charge and attracted by the air’s +ve charge lifting them up and enabling them to fly for miles. Spiders have been found over 2 miles up and 1000 miles out to sea. How cool is that?

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      1. I don’t mind them normally. And good for Halloween atmosphere. Or so I tell myself!
        Don’t mind the spiders either, except a few weeks ago when a Giant House Spider (that’s it’s official name. Makes me feel it belongs in Giant Houses!) scurried across the kitchen floor.

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