A late evening walk. Not easy for our son. Full of anxieties. But he only had 36 hours to meet his goal for the year. Twelve new places visited in 2019. We had two more to tick off. Too many crowds at the places we ventured to over the last few weeks. So a walk in a desolate dark wood became the next best option.

New Years Eve brought a walk down a little used path. A path that took us to a couple fishing lakes. Thankfully few anglers today so we could have our space. Son counted this as his 12th new place visited. His goal achieved. Not an easy goal for him because of his social anxieties.


Dad I’m going to set a target of 15 new places for 2020. Surely we can find 15 deserted areas. Maybe one or two places will be allowed to have a few people there. Are you going for any New Year goals?

Just my usual trying to end up looking like George Clooney.

Who is George Clooney? Is he cool?

He was Batman.

That’s cool enough. Don’t expect any help from me getting you into the Bat Suit.

No I suspect I would need scaffolding and a construction team for that.


2020 goals……

The only thing I’m specifically aiming for apart from looking like a George came from a blog I was reading this week. It mentioned changing things up. So I’m going to do some writing which takes me out of my comfort zone. Not sure what yet. Maybe I will write a professional looking post. That will be a first. Any volunteers for the ghostwriter for that one.

2020 goals……

Apart from that writing one I can’t think of any new ones that will stick. This year it feels like just dusting myself down and going again. I do tend to struggle with Day 365 of the year.

New Years Eve. I hate it. I’m sorry I just can’t buy into the fondly saying goodbye to the current year. Let’s look at all the highlights. Then welcome in the new year. It’s a new beginning. Is it really. You wake up January 1st to find that your slate has not been wiped clean. Sorry that’s just me. I’m so pleased for the people who can see the New Year so positively. I just can’t.

This year we add the end of the decade. Pictures of people ten years ago and now. For us it would be a family of 3 and now a family of 2. Not going down that road tonight.

So for those who enjoy New Year then I wish you a really happy time. Hope it’s great for you. For anyone who feels like me – I send you all my hugs and we will hopefully reconvene on the other side of this pesky midnight.

81 thoughts on “Pesky New Year

  1. I have a feeling this December 31 is going to see me very bug-eyed! Ben & Big Dumb Dog bounced me at 2:00am😫 and its ADHD overload day. What we at Casa Cuckoo call a “child on crack” day. He put a brick through a glass terrarium and only got one small cut. Yay! No visit to the E.R. today, please🙏 His mama has work tonight so I’ll be doing solo duty. That means trying to keep the Big Dumb Dog from waking the cracked out child up with his barking and growling when the idjits set off their firecrackers at midnight.
    Yeah, phooey to New Year’s, just let me sleep.
    Let’s make a resolution to laugh as much as possible and send hugs when we’re crying. That will be easy to keep😉💌

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    1. I really hope it’s not a crack night for you. But as we both know – it is what it is. Son won’t sleep tonight. Just about to start watching End Game. Maybe a couple of hours sleep then we are off to the zoo first thing to get the visit done before the crowds arrive.

      I think I can sign up to that. I’ll start. Even though I really hope your not crying I am Sending you hugs. xx

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  2. What a relief to read something like this. About New Tear I mean. Yeah, I have written poems about it, but what REALLY changes? We still have the same curcumstances on January 1st. as we had on December 31st. Well, usually anyway. I guess that was why I made the particular post that I did this morning, on my blog. I was feeling a bit pissed! Pissed off with expectations from other people that are impossuble to meet. Yeah, like you Gary, I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s all so phoney (well, in my humble opinion anyway!). Yeah, let’s have a huginn for all those who hate New Year. HOWEVER, congrats to son on finding and visiting all thise new places. Hope he achieves what he wants to in 2020. Abd niw, it’s not even mudnught yet, and those damned fireworks are goung off and the dog is going mad, and soon there will be no kitchen left! Aaaarrrrrggggghhhh!

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  3. I won’t be seeing the New Year in with excitement either and it won’t be the slate is clean either for me.
    I can only hope for 2020 that the things I plan, which will be quite a few day trips, that it’s something to look forward to.

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  4. I am one who remains hopeful for the start of a new year. Although time is a social construct, the end of the year brings an optimal time to reflect. Taking one step at a time can be easier than viewing a series of months but, nonetheless, reflection can be overwhelming. I wish you the very best as you enter the new year. Blessings!

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  5. Oh, perhaps I should have read your post before responding to your comment on my blog with “Happy New Year!” I don’t see the New Year as wiping away the old and having a clean slate nor do I set up goals (I think I should though), I just enjoy it as a Holiday to celebrate, like Christmas. I enjoy being with family and friends. Although, my hubby and I don’t do anything with people for New Year’s Eve. In fact, I am about to get up and make us cheese fondue for dinner. I doubt he will make it (awake) until midnight.

    I send YOU hugs, my blog Friend. Facing a new year without your partner seems like a time when one would need a hug.

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  6. I can relate. I do not make a big deal of this holiday. I feel the same the struggles are still there, time is still moving whatever way they may go. I am trying to be more positive but tonight in not feeling it. If you read my post tonight it’s basically me my self and I. And tea. Hugs to you and just do what you need to do.as I feel the same.

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  7. I smiled when you mentioned Batman. It reminded me of that iconic scene in Only Fools and Horses when Del and Rodney appear out of the mist dressed as Batman and Robin. I imagined them appearing from the trees while you two were out walking. 😂 Here’s to you two meeting many more of your goals in the coming months. x

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  8. I think this year is the most enthused I’ve ever been for a New Years. Mainly because there was still so many mass shootings, Trump wont give Twitter a break and just generally badness. That didn’t seem like it was going to stop on Jan 1st.

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  9. gorgeous photos. I really don’t “celebrate” new years. But i believe the idea behind it has merit. Just like any other holiday. I simply wish for things to remain simple. My new years will be january 18th i believe…or the 27th..who knows..lol..it could be any day i choose to honor…i LOVE that your son is choosing to see new places and has a goal again this year..thats awesome..high fives..and to you also for “changing things up”…yup:)

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  10. Hey, Gary. I won’t ghost write for you, but I will proofread if you are interested.
    As for any holiday, I will not celebrate. Not that every day can be a holiday, but people should be able to conduct themselves as if it were one. Be nice to others, hug a stranger (preferably one who is nothing like you), treat a homeless person to a meal and remain as company until they are finished, help someone who looks like they are struggling, and pay forward a kindness someone has previously indebted you with. Even if it is picking up a beetle trying to cross a busy road, or paying for someone’s groceries at a checkout, be a kind person because you are a kind person, and expect nothing in return.
    Keep your eyes and heart open at all times, especially when you are in a foul mood.

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  11. Hi, Happy New Year. Nowadays I am no longer a fan of New Year ‘Stay Ups’! Early Night! It must be the age! The night walk must have been great. There is something about walking in the wildwood under the cover of darkness. Go for the writing challenge. Have a great day. Goff

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  12. My favorite days are the perfectly ordinary ones where nothing is expected of them. There is too much pressure, I think on “big” days to be something, when they don’t need to be anything at all. I wish you and Son as ordinary a day as can be. And I hope you’ll see something that surprises both of you at the zoo. Take care, suzanne 😊🌷

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  13. I don’t set resolutions either, although Lord knows there are a lot of things I want to change about me. I figure when the time is right, I will know. So this new day, new year brings with it the same old me. Although I am hopeful for the new year. We stayed up for it – Bobby had his first boy/girl party to go to last night and we were the designated drivers for the kids. When I asked in anticipation how the party went he told me the boys played basketball outside all night while the girls watched TV. Made me laugh 🙂

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  14. I like NYE as a social event – and by that I mean drinking Crémant in front of the TV with a cat on my lap – but I’m with you with all the “highlights” and the social media montages. Sometimes they just seem like showing off. Hope 2020 brings you all some brighter times.

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