We brought in the New Year by watching End Game.

Dad got to end the decade with the highest grossing movie. Wonder what movie will be watched in 10 years time. Please don’t let it be Avatar 2.

The movie was paused at midnight so we could see how many fireworks were let off in the distance. Living on a hill we often get a wide range of free displays to view. In the end a few but not as many as usual. Then it was time to go back into the house. As a kid this was a big deal. LETTING IN THE NEW YEAR. The youngest in the house would be thrown out of the house a few minutes before midnight. Thrown at without a coat regardless of the weather. Bit of a bugger when I was always the youngest. My job would be to stand outside and basically freeze my nuts off. Then at midnight I would be allowed back in carrying a piece of coke (coal) and a new coin. I would then have to go round every room in the house wishing happy new year. I always found the tradition thoroughly cold and most definitely bizarre.

A couple of hours before this midnight our son had asked about traditions. When he heard about our old bizarre ritual he decided to start his own.

Dad let’s restart your old family one.

Ok I’ve got some coins but I definitely don’t have any coal. Suppose we can see what stones we can find in the garden. Probably got some black paint somewhere,”

No Dad got a better idea. Much simpler and definitely more tasty.

So a few hours later son welcomed in the new year. Visiting each room carrying one pound coin and a bottle of Coca-cola. A New coke tradition started.

After a couple of hours sleep it was then an early drive to the Zoo. We have done this for the last four January 1sts. One of the first traditions started after his mum died.

Arrive when the zoo opens and try to get round before the crowds start to arrive. Basically we need to be back in the car by no later than midday.

Some traditions never die out. Dad being a plonker.

“Son looking at the map the zoo has a bug zone. Not seen that before.”

Dad the zoo doesn’t have any spiders or bugs.

The map says bug zone. So which bug do you hope they have”

Well I wouldn’t mind seeing a Tarantula. Maybe a Goliath Birdeater. Bullet Ants. A Tarantula Hawk would be cool. Quite excited now.

“It’s just round this corner”

Dad you complete muppet.

“Erm. Not quite what I expected but you don’t see many 4ft ladybirds……”

66 thoughts on “New New Year Tradition

  1. I love the coke solution. The firecrackers (and the Big Dumb Dog) started at 10pm and continued sporadically until 12:30am.🤬 Angie was NOT pleased. On the positive side, HRH slept through the whole thing🙏 and I didnt get bounced until 5am😯

    I’m glad the zoo trip worked out. I like their “Bug Zone”. Its cute and doesnt make me imagine things crawling all over me😟😬

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      1. I think looking back there was worse. There was being sent out with the coat scuttle to the coal shed in the snow of a winter’s evening cos you had drawn the short straw. Today… it was door locked day, lefovers, vino, candles and fire. Pick the life up again tomorrow

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  2. Oh, that’s funny! Love the new bug zone 🙂 Love how you updated your family’s tradition. I am starting to realize my parents were not big on holidays. We never did anything for New Years or for a lot of the other ones. I like the coke and coin one – may have to start instituting some new ones here!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s okay for shorter flat distances. I don’t feel it at all on my treadmill. It’s when I go out to the trails for a long run that I start to feel it after awhile. How is your running coming along?

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  3. Lol at the bug zone. :O) The Botanic Gardens at Durham used to have tanks of exotic creatures such as giant centipedes, tarantula spiders and giant African Land Snails. It’s a couple of years since we’ve been, so I’m not sure if they’re still there. Having seen photographs of Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillars, for years I wanted to see one for real … then, in the summer, I got to see three while out walking. It was one of the highlights of my year! 😀 I love creepy crawlies.

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      1. Aww, that’s not fair … poor wee soul. I know how he must have felt – I was quiet too at school and was often overlooked. 😦

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  4. Haha brilliant! I love the Coke solution! Not sure about the reason for the youngest child starting the year with pneumonia (is that correct? discovered I can’t spell it… 🙂 ). Yeah, I noticed a lack of free fireworks from my hill too. I call it the Boris Effect.

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  5. Hey my friend! Let’s have a belated toast, as I have been kept busy by holiday stuff and a chest infection … 🥂 … here’s to a better year ahead for you and your son, for your country and mine, and for a shared cuppa. Huge HUGS for you and your son!

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