2020 currently is very three orientated. My football team got beat three nil at home. They had to use up all three substitutes before half time because of injuries. Then quickly found out that three substitutes was not enough as another player had to go off due to injury as well.

I got three bills in the post today.

I phoned up for a Doctors appointment and was told I had to wait three weeks for the first available slot.

Currently I am missing 3 running socks. Paddington Bear Stare towards Captain Chaos. So for my next run I can choose between a red running sock or a blue running sock or a white running sock. I think the red and blue combo with be best.

We have three gerbils. They are super friendly and also rather fascinating. If I could ask the three chaps (hope they are three of the same sex) one question it would be

Why when I put cardboard and wooden tunnels in your cage do you always put the smaller tube inside a larger one. Even when I put them on opposite ends of the cage why does one end up in the other within a few minutes.

As my gerbil vocabulary is so poor I guess I will never find out the answer to this first burning question of 2020. But I can’t leave this post on such a unresolvable cliffhanger. Apologies for the early contender for the most rubbish link of the year. As I’ve got over my initial New Years Blues and in the absence of an answer from the three rodents maybe it’s time for a few lists of three from 2019.

3 Biggest Fears that came true

  • School giving up on son
  • Boris Johnson becoming PM
  • Governments/The U.N. paying lip service and kicking into the long grass the momentum for change generated by the likes of Greta Thunberg

Best books read

  • Jean Lee – Nights Tooth
  • Stephen King – The Institute
  • Blake Crouch – Recursion

Best 3 movies of 2019

  • Avengers End Game
  • Horrible Histories – The Movie
  • Godzilla

Best 3 concerts

  • Alter Bridge/Shinedown
  • Kiss
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd

Best 3 albums

  • Alter Bridge – Walk the Sky
  • The Hu – The Gereg
  • Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood

Best 3 places visited

  • Kielder Water
  • Housesteads Roman Fort
  • North Yorkshire Moors Railway

3 Most helpful bits of advice from 2019 – kind of

  • Maybe bring your dog back when he’s calmed down a wee bit – dog training school
  • Just needs to work a bit harder to improve his spelling and handwriting – teacher
  • Lager is better for your teeth than lemon water – Dentist

Best 3 things which helped our son

  • Setting a goal for the number of new places to be visited
  • Rock music and concerts
  • Catching balls while bouncing on a trampoline

Craziest 3 things the pets did

  • Muddy paw prints on the ceiling – how is that possible
  • Boy Cat getting the award for being the biggest and heaviest cat on the Vets books
  • Captain Chaos burying one of my running shoes in the garden. Took me weeks to find it.

72 thoughts on “Three

      1. I grew up with Schoolhouse Rock. It was a great tool for education. I can still recite the preamble to our Constitution because of Schoolhouse Rock.
        Other favorites are the ones for adverbs, conjunctions and interjections. Or how a bill becomes a law. 😂
        Really great stuff! American education didnt use to suck.

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  1. I have only three things to say about this:

    I am currently reading Stephen King’s “The Institute” … I am a long-time fan of Mr, K
    It is now the third day of the new year and … nothing has changed for the better
    One of your three gerbils is a female

    Best to you, my friend, and I hope that the first of your three biggest fears is NOT realized. The second is already in the history books.


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  2. The gerbils like things that way… My younger girl had a hamster at one point. We will not go there re the ructions that caused but Sly would lay out all the food in patterns and go berserk when it was all cleaned away as it had to be eventually. Smiling at the every thing in 3s. I mind saying that about the Mr’s play. For simplicity everything is done in 3s, except the screw ups

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  3. If it’s not too rude to ask, how much does Boy Cat weigh? I am pretty sure that, at around 3.5kg, Louis Catorze is the lightest animal at our vet’s, with the exception of gerbils and newborn kittens.

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  4. The gerbils probably like the idea of insulation.
    Funny how things come in threes, like busses, though having caught the first one, I’d never know about the other two.
    Take care Gary. Like the idea of catching a ball whilst on the trampoline. That takes co-ordination.

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      1. Awwww oh, I wish I could have heard it. I just played it in my car last night as was driving home after having dinner with a friend she actually said have fun playing your music loud on the drive home and yes I did. Good thing it was dark I sang that song so loud lol

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  5. My brother got two gerbils before my parents said we could have a cat. The cats found the gerbil cage and sat on top of it, watching the gerbils. One died a few weeks later. My brother claimed the cat gave it a heart attack

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  6. Too bad homeschooling is not an option for you. My youngest was born 8 weeks early, and she had some serious learning issues. Homeschooling saved her from the pain and struggle of our broken school systems. She’s almost 24 now, still has dyslexia, still can’t solve math problems or memorize addresses, still mixes up b’s & d’s when she writes, but I equipped her with three very important gifts: the knowledge that being different is a gift (if you know how to “spin it”), the ability to laugh at herself, and an understanding of who she is in the eyes of God. She’s a LOVELY person, getting married in a few months. It’s been a long (and sometimes aggravatingly difficult) road to get where we are today, but it was all SOOOOOO worth it!

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