Dad why are politicians always nasty to each other now. You get more done if you work together or just talk.”

I really can’t argue with that. Maybe that’s why the world is in such a mess. Politics has just become a bear pit. Disrespect, dishonesty, verbal and physical abuse are the norm. Where good people are silenced and vilified.

Wind back the clock a few years and politics seemed to have more decency and politeness. The photograph below was our PM with the two leaders of the opposition parties. You would struggle to get that type of photo with members of the same Party these days.

It’s time for our leaders to start being civil again. A good start would be for everyone of them to stop continually shouting abuse and listen just a bit more. That’s not listening to their own voice but to others.

79 thoughts on “Decency and respect

  1. Politics has never had honesty in it. No person ever rises too far up the ladder, without bending or breaking the rules a bit.

    You think an advertiser is going to say that they want to sell their product, because they want the customer’s money? At the same time, and for the same reason, you think a politician is going to tell the population that they will “support” you, only because he wants to be kept in power? No. What the businessman or the politician really thinks or really wants, is never revealed, and this has been the case for millennium.

    Wind the clock back to the Middle Ages, and you will see that a merchant peddler will take advantage of a soldier’s misery for profit.

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      1. I believe this comes from too much of a focus on “perfection”. You know… the “false personality” is something expected of a politician. However, when a politician acts as a friend to his people, then everyone is shocked at what the politician says. It is because we always expect a politician to remain as a stranger, not a friend, to us. And, because a friend will be disappointed in wrongdoings, this just means that any “friend” for a politician, will do the same. Thus, we have a belief that a politician is being “disrespectful”, when all we expect of them is to be stone-faced and soulless.

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  2. So, so true. And some political leaders play on people’s fears to encourage this bitter division because it brings them votes. Votes and money. Votes at all costs. What happened to politicians getting into the “business” because they really want to make a positive difference to their communities and to the greater society? And to the protection of our environment? This isn’t just a UK crisis, it’s more widespread. Good for your son; he gets it!

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  3. I hate that every political ad is now negative. Also that all the leading candidates are so old. Trump was the oldest ever at inauguration and this year’s forerunners are all older. I’d like to see someone who expects to be alive in 30 years and makes decisions with that in mind.

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    1. Age is better than having an activist at the age of 15 or 17, believing themselves able to have an opinion, with their naturally limited intellectual capacity.

      Unless we’re speaking of child prodigies, I will never trust in the opinion of a kid.

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      1. I don’t know if cell phones, the internet, etc. has made it worst, but sometimes I think so. We have become less and less able to genuinely listen to other points of view. I hope I am wrong. Please tell me I am.

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  4. It’s not just the politicians… it seems that EVERYONE is shouting and no one is listening. The media feeds it and feeds ON it, and with the almighty algorithms (can I get an amen🙄) gives us ONLY information it thinks we want/need so our views or prejudices are reinforced.🤬

    Ugh! Rant stopped!🙊
    I’m thinking of movies like V For Vendetta or Fight Club… I wont write more, I might wind up on a LIST😱

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  5. The erroneous Darwinian theory of competition vs cooperation is what has brought our world to this State in both business and politics.

    Politics today has become a glow-in-the-dark penis fight for a seat of power by immature, entitled minded, look at me, me, me adults having a freaking temper tantrum meltdown – all because they can’t get their own way.

    The way of peace comes with respect of ALL persons, geared toward cooperative effort to achieve a common goal.

    Humanity has yet to grow up and realize it’s NOT all about them.

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    1. Add a touch of responsibility to that respect, and you will go places. A true grown up realizes he or she has a responsibility to NOT HARM any other living being physically, mentally, or spiritually. Spiritually healthy people are generally kinder to those less fortunate than them.

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  6. I don’t know. History is rife with political battles. History is rife with warfare. My maternal grandmother used to say “there is nothing new under the sun.”

    Those are just s small sampling. As best as I can tell (history being wiped out by Google as we speak), your parliament has been shouting at one another for 100s of years. My stupid government stopped shouting some time ago and all became constipated. Maybe we would be better off if there was someone around like Jackson, smacking people with a cane.

    Human behavior, to a large degree, is learned. Bad parents make bad kids. It takes a strong person to see the error of ways and reverse course. Most people are at the mercy of whatever crowd they are running with.

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      1. I’m not sure there is such a thing as ‘gentler politics’. The impeachment circus, the yawner that it was…I’m pretty sure there was some cursing off camera. They may be subdued on TV but, Schumer’s remark about the intelligence agencies ‘getting back at you ten ways from Sunday’ is quite true. Stuff happens in the background all the time.

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      1. Yes, truly exceptional teachers are a special and rare breed. I struggled in school too. Math was my worst subject. Until grade 8 I barely passed the course. Then I received a teacher who took that time with me, and I saw my first C+ and even achieved a B+ in the following semesters. There’s always hope that your son will get that assistance. Prayer is powerful too. ☺

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  7. I have a feeling much of this started with ‘Grumpy’ (That’s what we call him in these parts)
    that seemed to break any agreement he could find and enhancing any diversion or distrust among politicians that he could possibly find? What good (if any) will this bring for the US?
    What the world seems to have trouble understanding is how a great nation can possibly elect such a person for Presidency?

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      1. Oh yeah.. It is an interesting world the book world. Waited like 6 months to get an ITIN for my first publisher. The other one now who still has rights to two books….. well I would not barge pole them within a decent distance since it is like 2 years before you can get an editor let alone a book out… Unless of course you have an editor but mine there? She left long ago. A lot of this and more, did indeed contribute to my decision to set uo my own house.

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  8. I liked that line about struggling to get that type of photo with members of the same party. It’s weird that we’re looking back at those days with Major and the rest as the good ol’ days. Well I do at least.

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  9. I refuse to call any of them “leaders”. We’re still living in some kind of democracy, don’t we? We, the people are the sovereign … or at least we’re supposed to be. We keep and pay for public servants. And when they turn nasty we don’t vote/hire them at the next election.

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