Last night I struggled to get any sleep. I managed to nod off once but woke all too soon. A strange dream about an old job, not being able to find a meeting room and Donald Trump as my boss woke me with a start. That was it. Facing another walking zombie day. My mind wandered to my partner. In the last few years of her life my partner suffered from insomnia. She could sleep for a couple of hours during the day but frustratingly not at night. So many late night television sessions. It was so tough for her. If she could cope with years of this then I can cope with just one sleep deprived night.

So lack of sleep brought back strong memories of my soulmate but that’s not a nice memory. So let’s balance that out with some happier memory prompts.

  • Sunsets. My partner loved sunsets. The slightest sign of red in the sky and she would be outside.
  • Ronan Keating and his songs When you say nothing at all and Life is a rollercoaster. Always brings a smile. I took her twice to see Ronan in concert. Whisper that quietly or my metal head credibility is blown out of the water. At the first concert it felt like I was the only male in the crowd. My partner thought it was so funny seeing me squirm and hide under the chair.
    Asparagus. Her favourite food. Asparagus with a touch of butter and nothing else. I don’t buy the stuff anymore but it always makes me smile when I see it.
    Stella Artois. Every time I see that lager my mind goes back to our first holiday together. We had an overnight stay in London waiting for an early morning Eurostar train. In a packed London pub we drunk a few too many Stella’s. With perfect timing to coincide with the place falling silent my partner asked loudly ‘if I was the only vegetable in the family’. No I wasn’t the only vegetable in the family but I definitely was the only vegetarian.
    Babylon 5. She loved this show. She would watch it while I chuntered on about it being a poor mans Star Trek and could we would the X-files. We still have all the DVDs. They make me smile when I see the box but they certainly are not getting played again.
    Trivia Pursuit. I must try son on this game. We would be always playing this. But we hardly ever got a winner. My partner would sail through all the subjects but she would get permanently stuck on Sport. I would sail through Sport and get stuck on all the other subjects. See the perfect match.

41 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. I’m sorry to read that you visited the Insomniac’s Club, that dream would have made me pee the bed in fright!😱
    I think your partner and I would have gotten along great! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was “ooooh! Pretty sky!” I like Stella apple cider…yum! And I know a bunch of useless trivia😂 No asparagus though🤢 I can’t even stand the smell.🤭
    I hope you get some sleep🤞 Great memories, thank you for sharing them!

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      1. Crap last night🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve had insomnia so long… even with meds I’m lucky to get 2 or 3 hours between awake times.
        I’m just thankful that I dont spend 48-72 hours awake anymore. That’s rough! My eyes would feel bugged out, I’d have auditory hallucinations… no fun.

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  2. I’m with her on the Babylon 5. You hush. Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi) was a Talk Radio star from April 2004 until his shocking death in July 2016. He was an absolute scream and had grand “Hollyweird” stories. J. Michael Straczynski is a fantastic writer (Changeling, Underworld: Awakening, World War Z, Thor…wrote for DC & Marvel…the 1980s The Twilight Zone…)

    I’m with you on the X-Files. Did you mean to say “WATCH the X-Files”?

    Asparagus is wonderful, too…but, it will make your pee smell funny if you eat too much of it! LOL!

    Set Trump aside. You have your hands full with your own clown show. Don’t add unnecessary stress.

    Thank you for sharing your memories of her. She lives on as you talk of her.

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      1. Sadly, half the cast is dead… Richard Biggs (doc) passed in 2004 @ 44. Andreas Katsulas passed in 2006 @ 59 (he was the original one-armed man from the the TV Fugitive). Jerry Doyle was only 60 (he was mugged in Germany & hit in the back of the head…they had to put a plate in his head & many think it was a contributing factor). Jeff Conaway passed in 2011 @ 60 (Kenickie from Grease). Michael O’Hare passed in 2012 @ 60 (Doyle had stories about him…he was weird).

        Stephen Furst was in Animal House. Bill Mumy was in Lost In Space. Walter Koenig (Chekov) was Bester. In that respect, yes…poor man’s Star Trek (he is an ass…I’ve met him). Even Ron Howard’s dad Rance was on it. It was a great show.

        I’ve never heard of Blake 7. I will have to look that up.

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  3. Beautiful memories. I to love sunsets their just so amazing and different each time. It’s funny but I love a song with the same title When you say nothing at all but it’s by Kieth Whitley maybe not the same lyrics. Sleeping….. Same and you tend to think more. I hope you get some better sleep. I have been trying to myself. Down with a cold. Been a long winter of sickness .Doesn’t help I keep moving. But. What else can we do. Have been enjoying some ginger tea and honey. So good.

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