It’s been one of those days when I just feel old. Lack of sleep doesn’t help. Fighting a cold which I just can’t shake certainly doesn’t help. The weather most certainly doesn’t help – a bitingly cold gale force wind. Work was a slog with everything going wrong and the computer just saying NO. School was definitely very vexing. Now even the school governors have given up responding. I guess I must be on the official naughty list. My run was hard work. Slow, cold and a real effort. At times it seemed like one step forward and two back. Even the view failed to lift my spirits. It just provided an excuse to stop for a minute. The post school garden football was an effort. Not so much Messi or Pele, more like a knackered three legged giraffe trudging about in a vat of thick treacle. So yes today I felt much older than my 339 years. I’ve used this body up can I have another one please.

For sons mathematics exam he did really well given the lack of dyslexia support. He came second in his class. Just over 70% in one paper and high 60s in the second paper. That’s not too shoddy for a kid who could only read some of the words on the question sheets.

As I couldn’t read some of the questions I wonder if I would have got a similar mark if I had sat the maths paper but it was in French. Wouldn’t it save time if you could just combine subject exams so you could sit two at the same time. French & Maths, Science & Art, History & Drama, English & PE, Geography & Cooking.”

I could sign up to that. I would combine my worst subjects and get them out of the way in one exam. So I could do Drama and Cooking in one sitting. Or maybe I combine a really good subject with a bad one – PE could drag up my French score. It’s definitely a winner.

Dad are you sending an email”

“Yes I am. I am emailing the Prime Minister”

“Oh. Your not telling him about my sitting two exam in one go idea!”

No Son. I’m emailing him a question about dyslexia support.”

Do you think he will answer it”

Well let’s see.”

You didn’t have a go at him.”

“No I was very polite”

Well you weren’t very polite playing football. You said some naughty words when you tried to run.”

“I am getting older. Sometimes running hurts. And I didn’t use naughty words. I used my special made up words. Those which might be naughty but no one will ever know. Scully. Jellycup, Fumf.”


66 thoughts on “Old

  1. Aw, I hope tomorrow is much better for you and less of a “Scully. Jellycup, Fumf.” By the way I love these made up words. I think I may just use them the next time I am experiencing the same. Sending hugs and pink, fluffy positive energy, maybe wrapped up in cotton candy to sweeten the deal. God bless.

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  2. Oh, I hate when I get the “you used naughty words” speech from the kids. Although I do like your naughty words – I always try to go to SpongeBob for inspiration with Barnacles! Here’s hoping you feel more like your younger self tomorrow!

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  3. Hurray for Son!!🎉👏
    I find that a well-placed “JIMINEY CRICKET ON A MOTORSCOOTER!” makes me feel better!😉😂
    There’s also “SUNNY BEACH!” and “WHAT IN THE HELLO KITTY…?”

    I’ll be 52 this month, the mind is still around 30, but the body… 85 at least☹ I guess that averages out🤣 Maybe you need to reduce your mental age to equal Son’s 🤷🏼‍♀️😉

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      1. No birthday plans. It’s on a Monday and Ben’s Mama has work the night before, so it’ll probably be just a regular day🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe I’ll have food delivered if something sounds good… I’m such a party animal🙄😴😂

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  4. Your son’s idea is brilliant. I’m also loving the made up words. I hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself.
    Oh, I watched a video clip today, of a silly pup sliding down the hill (both grass and snow)loving every second, and for some reason Captain Chaos came to mind. ☺

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  5. Bravo to your son. Way to go! It won’t make your frustrations go away, but you’re not alone. I’ve read similar frustrations today from parents in Arizona and the state of Georgia. This just shouldn’t be happening.

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  6. Congratulations to your son on the marks in mathematics. Obviously a chip off the old block, with emphasis on the old, obviously! Tomorrow’s another day and, if the sun shines, you’ll feel so much better.

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  7. Go pepper yourself, Gary. You want to feel old? I will gladly trade my 70 year-old body with about half-a-hundred medical conditions and issues for your old worn out 39 year-old body. But no returns…
    I’m impressed with your sons marks, but certainly not the ability of the teacher or the course. If son was second highest in his class, that says your education policies are in dire need of repair!

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  8. Congratulations to your boy on his fantastic maths score! 👏🙆🎉
    Made-up naughty words … I’ll give that a go. I sometimes use the ‘Gordon Bennet’ one and, having googled him many times, I still don’t know who the fumf he is!

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  9. That’s great that your son did so well on his exams! Sorry your body is feeling it’s age, haha. Maybe it will thaw out in the spring and your runs wont be so hard. Or else you may need to come up with more special made-up words.

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  10. I combine French and Science in my class during Science Week. Last year we learned all about fermentation and how champagne is made. This year we’re doing some Physics and Engineering and building mini Eiffel Towers from scrap paper.

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