Is it safe to venture out yet? Certainly not. Absolutely chucking it down with flying branches. At least Storm Dennis is saving me a pruning job on the old apple tree. Strangely the day we took Son to see the above panda was equally wet. At the end of the day we were frozen, huddled over hot chocolates at Edinburgh Castle and thinking what possessed us to come to Scotland in the middle of winter. Oh hang on it was August, the height of summer. I guess that’s the price you pay for living in the UK.

Yes bad weather curtails the outdoor activities but it’s a great excuse to dig out the indoor games. Connect 4, mini Air Hockey, Top Trumps, Guess Who and Jenga. So much simple fun. Going to try Monopoly (when I can find it). The last time we tried it Son struggled with it. He couldn’t get his head round the money element and he didn’t like having to get his community chest cards read out for him. I wish I could find a few of my old games. Haunted House, Mouse Trap and the Bermuda Triangle. Now I’ve started. I loved my old horse racing board game – Totopoly. Then there was that art and painting game which should never have worked but it did – Masterpiece. Our Cluedo was a bit pointless as we had lost many of the cards. Colonel Mustard ended up being a serial killer – he was about the only character card we had left. Kerplunk was fun until you lost the marbles. As many people point out – I have most certainly lost my marbles. Yahtzee was impossible as we didn’t have any rules. Must have another look in the attic tomorrow.

What are your favourite games?

So as Son watches YouTube videos I’m catching up on my blog. Got to thank Jess (Beyond the front cover) for the Sunshine Blogger tag. It’s greatly appreciated. As you’ve taken the time to set some questions let’s answer them.

1 – What is your greatest achievement to date?

Son and not burning the house down while baking.

2 – Name one thing that is guaranteed to annoy you?

Boris Johnson and Newcastle United.

3 – What made you decide to start your blog, and does that reason still stand for why you continue?

It kinda just happened. Not sure what I was thinking about in the months after the world changed. I had started reading blogs I think to try and reconnect with the world. Then one night I randomly set my own one up.

4 – If you could visit one place in the world then where would you go, and why?

Switzerland because it’s so special to my partner. Everest Base Camp.

5 – If you could only read books from one genre then which one would you pick?

1. Fantasy 2. Climbing 3. Horror

6 – What was the last thing that happened to make you smile?

Watching an old ScoobyDoo episode.

7 – If you could live a day as a character from a book then who would that character be, and why?

Sherlock Holmes. Just the coolest character ever. Very complex.

8 – Which season is your favourite?

If we got proper snow then winter. Problem is that all our seasons tend to be similar. Wet and windy. See the Brit is off talking about the weather again.

9 – What is the best piece of advice that you have been given?

When learning to ride a bike – don’t try to go backwards

During cricket coaching – imagine your bat is a stick of Rhubard

10 – Which subject at school was your favourite, and which did you hate?

None hated school. Biology was the least bad one.

11 – If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life then what would you pick?

Cheese and onion crisps.

72 thoughts on “Raining

  1. Oh God, I love Totopoly. I had an old original set for many years that was my mum and dad’s. And the girls loved to play with the Mr’s Totopoly which was not vintage. And they also played all kinds of elaborate games with the horses and ran the set into the ground. A few years back my younger girl got a remake of it and gave it to the other for xmas. Some of the tules were slightly diff but it was great to play it again. I quite like Yatzee. you can easily get score cards online and also get the rules.

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      1. I aye won on Leonidas 5th or whoever he was. AND when my daughter got the game again she asked us up for a night to play and yeah I won on that old nag yet again. But between broken reins and burst blood vessels it was quite a game. Of course I admit now, I threw every other horse in the race away to win on Leonidas. Another game I loved was Buccaneer. Gonna find me a set. i saw in a comment here re Masterpiece. My older girl had that game and we still play it. We have these games nights every so often that way. Good daft fun.

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      2. I love a board game to this day. Week on Sat we are having a board games night with our older girl and her hubby. We do that every so often cos like that they love board games too. Gonna see if i can get a set of Buccaneer but if not there’s aye a ton to pick from.

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  2. Cheese and onion crisps? I think I’d opt for an all-you-can-eat bar… 😉

    We play a ton of board games. We have friends who look out for new, interesting ones and scoop them up. For basic starters that require little reading; I like Labyrinth, Settlers of Catan, Splendor, Kingdomino, King of Tokyo, Risk…

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  3. I did not know there was a game one time calked Bermuda Triangle and I have not heard of Totopoly.

    Snakes and ladders, ludo and connect 4 were my favourites as a child. I also liked Buckeroo, when I got that one Christmas and Operation.

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  4. Jenga is good fun!! Jet plunk was fun too. What about uno? Can son read those numbers and colors?

    I like playing mahjong. My slight dyslexia gets me in trouble now and again. And banana grams, if folks help each other spell.

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  5. Uno is fun, better with more people though. Backgammon or Acey Ducey, scrabble, chess, card games like gin or crazy 8s… I haven’t played any games in a long time🤔
    There’s always hangman or tic tac toe.

    You could build a blanket fort! That’s always fun.

    I dont think we have cheese & onion chips/crisps here. We have sour cream & onion or cheese & sour cream…🤔


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  6. Congrats on the award! You deserve it. You got lots of chuckles from me this time. I can really relate to the weather. We say that we have two seasons here; The wet season and Summer. Sometimes Summer joins the rest of the gang. That’s always a fun year. 😃 During Winter we may get a bit of snow. Not usually much, and it doesn’t usually stick around long before it turns into rain again. See I’m so English. I love talking about the weather. 😆

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  7. I have dozens of board games, not that we play them much these days. Loved Masterpiece, battling tops, Monopoly, l’Attack, tri tactics, Angling, Risk, Formula One, Scoop and so many others. Really enjoyed the modern collaborative games with the kids when they were a bit younger.

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  8. Mouse Trap. That was a game. We got an updated version a few fears ago and… it’s not the same at all. I think the kids enjoyed it but I was terribly disappointed.

    As for favourite games, we play quite a lot and it’s quite hard to pick just one. I have a preference for strategy games, including Chess, Backgammon, Hive and Onitama but we have been playing Monopoly quite a lot recently.

    And when we’re feeling silly, there’s always the Monkey Poo game (yes, it really is a game about throwing poo at each other) and Exploding Kittens.

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