So far Storm Dennis has been ok with us. So many have had it far worse than ourselves. Last time I looked there was over 560 flood warnings. Many houses are already underwater. So so sad and it’s happening more frequently.

Sometimes having a messy, pet wrecked garden helps. It’s makes it less obvious when a storm strikes. So as I surveyed the increased mess zone something caught my eye. Unbelievably during yesterday’s weather hammering two daffodils had decided to flower.

The photo is slightly out of focus as they are being blown all over the place in the gales. But it’s such a lift to see them. Let’s hope they survive Dennis.

This week is a school break. Son is adamant that he does not want to leave the house and our garden all week. Can’t blame him at all. He is so uncertain in the big bad world at present. The bridges he builds between his and the other world are looking particularly rickety and creaky. They are so fragile that he doesn’t fancy crossing them that often this week. Actually feels a bit like a game of Fortnite. An ever approaching storm cloud encircling out little world. If you play Fortnite I’m the wally who always gets killed within the first five seconds. My job is to make you look good.

My job is also to make sure our little world is as safe and as fun filled as is humanly possible. As hard as it may seem to some people in the media – kids with autism still like to have fun, do things they like and be happy. One of the reasons why the world feels like a scary game of Fortnite to so many good souls is that too many narrow minded reptiles in the media create the storm that others have to survive in.

Anyway let’s move on to have fun.

Today the grass is an absolute squelch fest. Your shoes immediately sink into inches of mud and water. So maybe it’s the perfect conditions for mud sliding. Let’s see if it’s possible to slide from our back door to the farmers fence. That’s about 15 paces and just slightly downhill. It’s a battle between man and boy. Between my huge backside and Son’s snow sledge. The loser has to take their chances with 5 potentially bad tasting jelly beans. Surely this time I have found a use for my donut fuelled butt.

So we operate in a small world for the next 8 days. I may struggle for new photos for the blog but let’s see what we can find. May need to delve into my dusty photo albums. Don’t worry no muddy butt photos are planned.

64 thoughts on “Sliding

  1. This is the wonder of nature that the daffodils are surviving despite the storm. Hope you guys can enjoy the school break and have lots of fun. With your creative mind and you son’s, I have no doubt about it.

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  2. I absolutely love seeing the daffodils! You and he will find or create many things to do … I just hope you have a few sunny days this week so you can get outdoors and enjoy the day. Oh, and … I think you should post muddy-butt pics … we all need a good laugh, don’t you think? It’s your civic duty! 😊

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  3. I agree totally that the world in which we live in is a very scary place and through climate change we are experiencing ever more storms and floods but I can see nothing wrong with a dad having fun with his son and enjoying a mud slide.
    Stay safe and enjoy recapturing the memories of the photos contained in your dusty old photo albums.
    Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

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  4. Glad you are both safe after Dennis!
    I love the photo of the brave daffodils and a line from one of my favorite poems, Daffodils or “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, by William Wordsworth popped up in my mind … “fluttering and dancing in the breeze” … even if Dennis is more than a breeze …

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  5. A mud slide sounds great and sure that game will soon develop feet and legs too. Lovely post and the daffodils are beautiful . Such a thread of hope. And I don’t blame your boy for wanting to stay in the house. Hell. that is my preferred place.

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      1. yeah we will be with friends who can’t do too much cos of her blood pressure..a hereditary condition but that is okay we still get things done and we have a good time. then we go back later in the year ourselves.

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      2. Oh that is aye where we stay. So we will do a nice walk the day we arrive then head for
        a game of pool. Or two. Something a bit better on the Sa and of course there is music then. We do get things done with them it is just there is not a lot that is easy in Glencoe. So I will end tae get looking for something new. .

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      1. Then there was the time the Mr and me got asked to come and smoke some weed with these two young Bretons at 1 in the morning. Of course we did not but honest my younger girl said that was a great honor actually,. Honest we aye have an adventure wherever we go.

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      2. Well booze is our thing. We are pretty straight that way. But that nite was brill tho cos one of these two young guys, devastatingly handsome dans un beret, got dancing on that minuscule floor where you could fall over and fracture your skull on the floor, if it was not fractured already on the amplifiers,with this young American girl …being guarded by the geriatric dragon of an old boot of an aunt on the tour of Europe. Well. him and that girl knew every jive and jitterbug step going to the applause of the crowd but as his less handsome pal reckoned…thee..not ze.. old batt there thought hees friend was dangerous and did not like theeese. And as I said to him , ‘ I could not think why.’ The next day they were going to join us –who were the poor subs –for brekkie and they finally we were leaving to go home for which they were very apologetic and Clachaig staff came looking for us to tell us these two guys wanted to speak t to us. See?? We aye have a story re folks we meet. I can even give you the one re the nite where Frank Mutabile and his then wife Evelyn Tembo paid for our drinks in and Irish bar in Rome.

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      3. Now that’s a story . Not heard Mutabile name in a long time. Evelyn also rings a bell. I could listen to your takes all day long. They make me smile. Booze was my thing. Now being sober not sure how the Clachaig would seem. Used to go there a lot. Maybe three times each year climbing. Would be funny if we had been there together.

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    1. Lol…maybe we were . I dunno . Been going for well over 10 years. But that would be funny. The Irish bar in Rome? Well.. We had gone in there cos I thought if we get served another lasagne that I am NOT going to eat with a half of lager… Well. So we goes in there on the way back from the Nuvona and the Mr heads off to the gents which is in another building. This couple came in and she was limping having just gone over her ankle and folks were not making room. So I offered her–magnanimous in my kindness with it, the Mr’s Bar stool which i will add he was not best pleased about when he came back but fortunately he heeded my exhortations to shut it in what I felt had been a semi racist almost incident. Anyway this couple started talking and once occupation led to another and then all the drinks get placed on the Zambian embassy tab for the rest of the evening. Email addresses get exchanged etc. And the Mr gets the Zambian Embassy card. We still thought aye right while being very nice of course. And eventually before we ended the night being koshed in some dark alley we headed up through St Peter’s Square in the dark and got the place to ourselves which was amazing, to our hotel. When we gets home to …it was Fife at that time.. we googles Mr M and there is the very man interviewing Hilary Clinton on You Tube….. Evelyn and I were in touch for years after. Of course it did not work out with them

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  6. I don’t know what happened, but you somehow dropped from my reading list. 😐 I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any posts from you. I have some catching up to do. Sorry about that.

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  7. I’ve been struggling for photos too. A friend of mine gave me some ideas though. That’s the wonderful thing about friends–they help you to look at things in a different light.

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