A stream about 5 miles from our little bungalow. Near the boundary of my current world.

It’s funny as a kid I always thought that my world was a small place. We didn’t have much money so holidays would tend to be just day trips on the train to places like Whitby and Scarborough. If we we’re lucky a school trip would take us maybe 50 miles in land. Dad had a car but it was only used sparingly – just for getting him to work. I remember watching exotic places on the TV and thinking one day I want to see them. I looked at books about mountains and so wanted to see The Eiger, The Matterhorn, K2 and Everest. I always thought that as I got older I would travel more. My world would grow and the world would shrink.

For a time it did workout that way and yes I did get to see The Eiger and The Matterhorn. I visited parts of Europe. I even got to see South Africa.

Then the world shifted again. Autism. Bereavement. Money concerns.

Now I find my world rapidly shrinking again and the world growing ever larger. Increasingly son sees comfort in his own little world. Our house, garden and the landscapes that immediately surround him. Longer travel is so difficult for him. It has to be mapped out and carefully controlled. That’s before we factor in the limiting factors of travel as a single parent and money constraints. My world is shrinking again. Even work has to operate within these constraints. My world has shrunk. One of the few bridges into the wider world is the occasional concert. These still work for our son.

We are due to travel to see The Who play in a couple of weeks. We will have to travel by car as public transport here is minimal and stops by evening. Regardless of its availability son struggles with buses, trains and planes. These are likely to induce panic attacks. So we travel everywhere on foot or by car.

Two weeks ago the car was in for a service. They found problems with the brakes which needed some parts to be replaced. The garage said I was ok to drive it for a couple of weeks until the garage could fix it. So this Monday was supposed to be the repair day. The garage phoned today to apologise. They we’re going to have to cancel the repair for a few weeks. They just can’t get the parts. The Parts Suppliers are out of stock and are waiting for new items to arrive from China. The garage is a national chain and all the branches are out of these parts. Apparently all the other rival garages in the area are in the same boat. So the repair is on hold. The suppliers are hoping to have new stock arrive soon but that may not be until April. So I’ve been told to try and really limit the car use until the parts turn up. My world shrinks further.

So in a mirror image of my childhood – the car will only be used sparingly. Just for the occasional short distance work trip and the school runs. A long distance concert trip is probably not a practical option.

My world has shrunk again but as ever we will make the best of it. Think our carbon footprint. Think more fun at home. Enjoy what we have on our doorstep.

71 thoughts on “Brakes

  1. Sad to hear about the concert trip probably not going ahead. The Who would be fab. You have a great approach though and somehow I just know you’ll find joy and fun within the walls of your current small world. It looks a very pretty world too! X

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  2. Oh, wow – The Who will be a great show to see! We have two cars, one that works and one you cross your fingers for. The cross your fingers car fits all five of us without bickering. The car that works fits all five of us and there’s no bickering when I sit in the back between two children and slide from side to side. But it is the one we take everywhere because, hey – it works!

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  3. Wow, Corona has its effects…
    But regarding the small or big world, it always depends on what a world makes. Is it to travel the planet or to discover the little big secrets of life? You may not be able to travel the world but in your son and his wonderful way of being you may have a universe at home💖

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  4. I am so sorry to hear this. Life is hard and I so can imagine how much that concert meant to you. I too have n desperate need of break work but with my life shrinking at the moment money is sparse . My heart breaks for you . But I know you will come up with something fun . I believe your son will be happy know matter what . Just have if his dad. To let you know today was the first day in a month I turned up the music loud and just sang all the songs on my playlist. Great stress reliever. A bit horse now😊 I am thinking of you.

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      1. Yes you are so right. It does blow the cobwebs away.and I must say I am a bit horse today . From all the singing. (Hahaha) Thank you. Yes I do need to enjoy the little things more. That is who I originally was at one time and that part of me got lost. I will be posting tonight after not writing in a month . Time I found that again.😌

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  5. Put on your own WHO concert! One of you can be Roger Daltrey swinging the mic around, and the other can be Pete spinning his arm around playing guitar. Put some of their music on really loud and entertain the Cap’n😉👨‍🎤🎶🎸🎤🕺👏👏🙌🎉🥳

    All my traveling is done vicariously through others and what they share.🤷🏼‍♀️

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      1. She just thought everybody’s lives were like that. But not only have sagas been in the height of fashion forever, even if everyone’s were like that. i dunno they were QUITE like that. Nan was a one off.

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  6. I’m sorry your world is shrinking. From my own experience, you could probably keep driving but add’l, far more expensive, brake issues will develop.

    The Who is a great choice!! I hope you both have a wonderful time!!

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    1. It’s a good honest garage. They say that the brakes may start to fail if we over use them, especially on longer runs when they are too hot. 2 or 3 mile runs are ok but anything longer is risking it. So guess the Who isn’t happening as it’s a real long trip.


  7. My world has shrunk, as well, for various reasons, but the difference is that I like it like that. I’m tired of crowds and traffic and happy to stay in my own little corner. I am so sad that you will miss the concert. I wish I lived there and I would find a way for you to go … could you possibly rent a car? I could help a little with the cost … just a thought. Hugs. ☕☕

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  8. First of all… what a beautiful stream ❤️ so gorgeous!

    And secondly… so sorry to hear about your breaks – I have had car issues myself – but my girlfriends husband knows cars … and whenever I have a problem, he helps me… I pay for the parts and he just fixes for me because I have nothing to give him. I help them in other ways – but it still bothers me because at a garage it would be a million dollars (exaggerating slightly, but not much lol)

    I am very thankful… I also carry AAA because of that… do they have that in UK? or a form of?

    But you have a wonderful attitude about it… it’s what your circumstances are – so you roll with it the best you can… keep being positive … I always hope that will make a difference and eventually it will get better.

    Is hard for sure – thoughts are with you. ✌️

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      1. Awww sorry to hear that – so you up against a wall with that then? That really stinks… but is what the situation is, so glad to see you looking at the bright side. Sometimes those things are blessings – just makes you more adventurous in finding other ways to do or look at things – sometimes even seeing things you overlook? Hope is not too much of an inconvenience

        Are your grocery stores close? Can you walk to places you do need?

        Do they have delivery like we do? Do you live in the country like me? They won’t deliver to me lol – I am too far out. Nothing is within walking distance of me lol

        Do you have helpful neighbors or people who could help if you need that?

        Yes … it is a good mechanic to have in my back pocket… I will cook for them, help them with their things or take care of their kids so they can have a night out etc … I appreciate very much and is huge to me… without that – I wouldn’t survive.

        I am very blessed to have them in my life. They are good to me. ❤️ I am extremely thankful for them

        The wife’s mother is elderly … but she lives near me… they live in the big city… so I check on her mom all the time… I bring her food and make sure she’s ok … chat with her

        I find her mom delightful and really funny lol… I don’t think she means to be funny but she is! She is this little German woman from Germany – so she has the cutest accent!! She speaks English well. She’s very hmm?? Proper? But then also funny … she’s adorable! I like spending time with her mother too.

        My girlfriend always rolls her eyes and tells me her mom is not funny 😄😄 … I can see why she says that… the mother is very much a hard ass? Lol … but I am not her child so I just get to enjoy lol ✌️

        Plus the mother enjoys the company – she is a lot like me… even though she’s older and from Germany … she is also protective and also careful of people. I feel very at ease with her.

        Anyway sorry babbling.

        Hope you get your car fixed soon. ✌️

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      2. Yes can get food deliveries from the big supermarkets (here it’s really easy) and can cycle to the next village store so no problems if the breaks gives up. It should be ok with the few miles I’m doing anyway.
        It’s so good that you’ve got that. The mother sounds so wonderful. x

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  9. I’ve got a feeling that everyone’s world is going to get smaller. If supply chains are suffering in your area, we are next. China seems to be the manufacturer of (non-choice) and they have so many shutdowns. The ripple effect is just now starting to show up. This is what we get for destroying our manufacturing base. China also has a lock on all the antibiotics, too.

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  10. That’s awful that you mightn’t need able to see The Who. I keep asking my son when he’s going to invent a teleportation device. He tries to explain the physics of how that can’t work but surely it’s either that or a magic wand?

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  11. Wow! Just one example of how that damned virus will impact our lives. My world shrunk when my hubby became ill. My son was just visiting and worrying about news of a possible pandemic. We have to go into the big city for a medical appointment. Our son is worried. He wants us both to buy face masks and wear them. It is my understanding that they really won’t protect people from catching that virus if we are exposed to it. Masks or no masks, there is no choice. We have to go. It’s a bit worrisome – more people, more chances of getting ill. But that’s life as we know it. Hubby’s health is much better than it was a year ago but he’s still susceptible to catching colds, flues, etc. etc. And he simply cannot afford to get sick. I imagine once we get home again we will be hunkering down at home as well. The world is shrinking for many people at this point in time. I am so glad to have WordPress cronies that help keep me from going bonkers! Sometimes the world shrinks in a good way.

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      1. I think there has been too much panic and too much fear mongering. Of course I am concerned, but it’s not going to stop me going where I need to go, especially when medically necessary.

        I will keep my hands in my pockets too – great idea!

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