Castle Howard is only a few minutes drive from our house. The photo is Castle Howard not our house. Sadly we don’t go that often now as it’s so expensive. Which is a shame as it’s truly stunning stately home.

Work came to a premature end at 10am this morning. That’s the deal with zero based contracts. Yes they are flexible and can fit round being a single parent but absolutely no guarantee of work. So a deep blue sky beckoned a first run in ages. The plan was to drive home and just run from the bungalow. But without really thinking I pulled over at the next village when I saw an enticing path sign. I thought ‘well lets see where this takes me’. The answer was stunning run which skirted the edge of the Castle Howard estate. All for free.

My trail shoes don’t have much tread left on them so I was taking a bit of a risk running down a steep muddy bank. I lost….. A sudden grip failure resulted in a crunching fall followed by several rolls down the steep slope. All sides completed covered in mud. After a few minutes the mud began to dry in the sun. I now know what it feels like to be a sausage in a sausage roll…..

After the painful and slightly embarrassing slog the run flattened out. The reward was glorious views of Castle Howard and the Estate. I had the trail to myself which gave me time to think. Probably too much time. It’s at times like this that my mind wanders to what has been lost. At least with running I do have a release valve. Just run quicker. It works but wow I’m knackered when I finish.

It was a wonderful run around a stunning track. My partner would have loved it. She would be definitely walking rather than running. I was sad that she never got to see these views. I will just have to look for the both of us. I really hope that works for her.

98 thoughts on “Sausage Roll

  1. I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself. No real reason why, just being a misery guts. I read your post. The photos are beautiful. The image of you rolling and caked in mud brought a teeny smile (sorry – I’m relieved you weren’t injured). I wish you were able to share the view with your partner. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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      1. I do actually. I could run 6 miles fairly easily and found I gained a lot mentally from it. I used to feel stressed if I didn’t run. Oddly, as I’ve become less anxious on the whole and stopped boozing I’ve exercised less. I definitely want to pick it up again. Especially as light nights are coming. X

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  2. They really are gorgeous views. I’m going to have be creative if I take more photos. We don’t have those views close by. Hopefully in the spring and summer we can get out more. I’d love to get up into the mountains again. Those are some pretty nice views. Sorry to hear you took a tumble.

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  3. How beautiful!! Looks breathtaking ❤️ thanks for taking that route and sharing these pictures!!

    I have never seen ANY places in UK – love seeing pics!! And a castle!! So cool!! I would be in my glory with the history of that!!!!

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      1. I know!! Your history is amazing!! ❤️

        We have some pretty amazing history too… but yours goes forever!!! And I can only imagine the sights! Is amazing to see a castle like that!! Must totally just leave you in awe to see it in person!!!

        We have ALOT of faults too 🙄😑

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  4. I’m glad you got to run in such beautiful surroundings! I’m also glad you got to play in the mud and didnt break anything😉
    I think all those old buildings are so cool! The architecture and the history… that people made such things… amazing!💌

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  5. Your opening line reminded me of the post WW2 immigrants like my parents who moved to Canada finding themselves living in let’s say less then ideal condition would send photos back to the old country. The family posing in front of a wonderful house on the right side of the tracks standing next to a late model car.
    The picture was intended to say a 1000 words… No lie.

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  6. Gorgeous photos! Maybe a job with the Yorkshire Tourist Board beckons. After all, look how you’ve boosted tourism in Switzerland and still not so much as a mini toblerone!

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  7. Absolutely lovely photos! I visited Castle Howard in June 2010 and I really loved the castle but most of all the surroundings. The last photo with the road that never seems to end … a masterpiece!

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      1. So I was thinking east…the sun would rise and wake me up early in the morning. (I need all the help I can get in the morning with this head of mine!)

        Besides…west wing sounds like a political drama. And wasn’t it always the mysterious west wing where nobody was allowed to go.

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