This was my attempt at baking son’s birthday cake. It’s amazing what heaps of icing can hide. The cake was a bit over baked with a huge volcano like hole at its centre. I plugged the hole with soft sweets and then covered with thick icing. What was left of the sweet packet was scattered on top. I might be onto something here. The soft sweet centre worked brilliantly. As a result the cake was deemed “not too bad at all” which on our sons review scheme equates to just above two Michelin stars. So now that’s got me thinking what other things can I fill the inevitable cake sunken holes with. I’m going for jelly in the next one. I will report back on my test.

On the subject of tests …. ok troops, time to stand by up your beds. Its spelling test time.

School is slipping as we have had only one spelling test this week. So they better make it a doozy.
















Another cracking list of words that will be of great use in son’s future life. My last conversation with school stressed the point

That spelling tests for dyslexic students are not recommended practice. If they have to be used then they should only focus on the most commonly used words.

Good to see the school are sticking to the common words then. I had to look up Enjambement. I was sadly disappointed to find that it wasn’t a Caribbean Cooking term for combining Jackfruit with Jamba Juice. My favourite flying dinosaur (Onomatopoeia) makes a welcome return. Last time I pulled that joke I had a shedload of abuse from my Texan fan club….. For some reason Son can’t say ASSonance without cracking up. Must get to the bottom of that joke.

92 thoughts on “Cake test

  1. He’s right you know, that cake doesn’t look too bad at all unlike the spellings which look like a nightmare for any dyslexic! I hope he enjoyed his birthday.

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  2. I definitely wouldn’t been able to spell the last two and I would have been like huh what the hell is it.

    The cake looks lovely. I would have had a bite.

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  3. Nice job on the cake. As to that spelling list – unless its for poetics totally pointless in daily language. Hell, I am a poet and don’t use them that often and would have trouble spelling some of them off bat.

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      1. Seriously, mate, L look at that list and thought ‘what the hell? why?’ They are all poetic terms so as much use as a dead fish for every day life. My lads are grown and I remember thinking much the same at their spelling lists. My eldest has Aspergers’ and just couldn’t cope with it, I had hoped things had changed – it seems not.

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  4. Good grief. I’m pretty literate and didn’t even recognize two of those words. (Assonance and Enjambment). I can’t imagine why anyone would need to know them. Isn’t that what online spelling programs are for?

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  5. You did a great job of improvising with the cake, and it looks beautiful! Chocolate pudding in the middle of one might not be too bad 😉 Heck, there are three words on that list that I don’t even know! Are those people nuts??? Have a good, peaceful weekend, my friend!

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  6. I never heard of enjambment either. Fortunately, after I typed the first 4 letters into my search engine it popped right up. So I won’t have to learn how to spell it! We all know, however, that onomatopoeia is one of the most frequently used words in the English language, right? The cake looks great. Glad your son appreciated the sweets of your labors.

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  7. Great effort on the cake. As long as your Son loves it and loves the fact you made it thats all that matters.
    From someone who has been where you are, everyone has to be better than the last so keep practiscing.
    Good luck and great job.

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  8. Onomotawhosits should be a freebie! You should be able to spell it however sounds good to you that day 🙃…but nobody asked me. Very impressive birthday cake! 😊 thank you for sharing with us. Now I’m thinking all the extra sweets that I could put in! 😊

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  9. Why did No one tell me the meaning of enjambement? My spell checker likes the extra ‘e’ after the ‘b’.
    You would think that a list from Wednesday Wacky Word Club. Let’s add another wacky word to the list.

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      1. The last school where I was the principal (headmaster) we introduced a levelled reading program where we did a reading checkup on each student 3 times a year to keep them at a reading level that would challenge them but not overly. We did 5 yr old and up but only in reading. Nothing elaborate or onerous.

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  10. Just popped over from Chels…great cake!… I am quite good at spelling but a couple of those made me think…a child’s spelling test an excellent way to put them off reading or writing for life…methinks…Popping Candy is good on a cake…


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