Last night I had one of those dreams. That type of dream that leaves me breathless and unnerved for hours. Unable to sleep until after 3am then startled back into sleeplessness forty minutes later. All because I blogged briefly about throwing my knickers at Tom Jones.

I was walking across farmers fields. I was in agony as I was walking barefoot and the ground was rock hard with frost. With every step I seemed to tread on another sharp thorn. On my MP3 player was one song on repeat. Green Green Grass of Home. I was heading towards one tree. A tree on top of a small hill. The only tree on that hill. The closer I got the ground became more painful. Then the heavens opened and it started to rain increasingly hard. So hard my skin started to sting. Then I arrived at the small tree. A hangman’s noose swaying slowly in the wind.

That was clearly enough for me as I suddenly bailed out of that fun little dream.

Green Green Grass of Home was one of my mums favourite songs. You would often walk through her front door and hear Tom beautifully signing this song. The song written by Curly Putman was one of her favourite sad songs. It’s all about a man facing his last night on death row.

In the shade of that old oak tree
As they lay me neath the green, green grass of home.

What’s the lesson from this nightmare.

Is it

I really should stop blogging as it gives me nightmares.


Next time I do have to throw my knickers at Tom.

79 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Now I have to search for that blog you wrote about knickers and Tom Jones. How did I miss that? LOL

    Never, ever, give up blogging. Please say you won’t. And if you do get to throw your knickers at Tom Jones, please do take a photo of his reaction, cuz that’s something I’d love to see. hahah

    I do hope your dreams are sweeter and much more palatable when next you lay your head down to sleep.

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  2. Lol… I wont tell you which songs of his “I” like… way too embarrassing, funny but embarrassing … but I don’t think I’d ever throw anything at anyone no matter how much I liked them? But who knows there’s always a first time lol ✌️

    Well remember you also posted about your parents old house and the painting of the Laughing Cavalier above your fireplace…

    So maybe that was the reason for the song on repeat in the dream? And you fathers gardens?

    And finding it hurtful to walk while rains really hard… hmm 🤔… well I’m sure the position you are in is quite difficult sometimes… so ya know dreams tie into things

    Are you doing ok?

    Sometimes before I go to bed I have to get my mind cleared from things or I will have the same issues. I have this game on my phone I will play – it makes me sleepy within like 5 minutes – and it removes my focus from everything so I can just sleep.

    I do dream sometimes… but not a lot – I’m usually too exhausted … lately has been better with that.

    I have good dreams and bad dreams and have had the ones that you can’t get back to sleep after.

    Are you a noise sleeper where you need a fan or tv or music when you sleep?

    If I am tired I just go out and it won’t matter lol … I don’t personally have any specific things I need for sleep but some people do

    Dream don’t always have reasons – Tom Jones could have just given you that lol 😄✌️… but sometimes is subconscious

    I don’t like the ones that jolt you awake in fear – those do suck!!

    Keep your knickers on lol … hope you get some good rest ✌️

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  3. You know maybe this dream is understandable in the current climate where threat of death seems to be all around..that thought just occurred to me after thinking more about your post..maybe you are picking up something collective with that image of the hangman’s noose.. ❤

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  4. Bad dreams come from too much worry. Blogging shouldn’t give you nightmares, you may just need a shift in your focus. It may seem impossible in this crazy world, but it isn’t.

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  5. Lol… we talked Glencoe the other week and how you and James might go.. SEE?????????????? If you think again re that–it all adds up. My biggest fear re dreams is the ones I truly cannot link to something I said …..

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      1. Well I do think you have to play the hand you have over this biz. Personally, with the exception of one person i know, no-one I speak to is bothered BUT I think it all depends on your personal circumstances. Is there a point to sending him in and then he gets stressed and can’t cope with it all there, or tries to cos he’s a bright, clever, probably proud too, boy, I don’t think that is worth it for either of you. And for what? The education he doesn’t get anyway?

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      2. He has had a cold on and off since a December. His GP basically said he needs the warmer weather to arrive to get shot of it. Anyway he did just enough coughing last night to earn a 7 day school isolation. Such a relief for me. Maybe that’s it with school. We shall see. x


  6. Bless is to god and I love you all and bless is the lord the word is coming please fear not to share love but besafe doing that but bless is the word bless is love you all be bless share the love around don’t be afraid bless is the lord

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