Slightly unnerving BEEing (being) eyeballed by this woolly friend. Couldn’t work out if it was admiring my silky garden football skills or was waiting for a Rich Tea biscuit. I lived in footballing worship hope until a biscuit was handed over and the woolly one then walked off.

Not always but occasionally life balances itself out. This morning I finished my last bit of paid work before the company basically shuts down for a couple of months (maybe longer). So no money coming in. As I closed the work laptop the phone rang. It was the garage, they still can’t get the parts needed for my cars poorly braking system. They will keep trying but the repair work won’t happen much before May. That’s a bit of a result. Won’t BEE (be) using the car much at all and that’s one hefty bill kicked into the long grass.

Talking about long grass. Last year someone gave me a wild bee hotel. The poor souls are struggling here so I thought I would do my bit. A quiet corner in the garden has been allowed to go wild. To be factually correct that should have been described as – I have let a part of the badly overgrown garden to go even wilder than the rest of the mess…

Anyway in the wild corner I have carefully located the bee hotel. Still no little takers after many months. I remember my Dad telling me that the first bee you see in spring is probably looking for a new home. He was a stubborn Yorkshireman so I never dared to question his apicultural knowledge. So our first bee of the season arrived.

A bee clearly fixated on trying to squeeze under the back door and get into our house. I tried showing the bee the currently vacant and palatial hotel. As hard as I pointed at the hotel’s front door, the bee just ignored me. Even a little honey failed to entice the bee. UnBEElievable (Unbelievable)

My question to you. What is the bee phrase for ‘Sorry pal your not coming in here. This thing I’m pointing at is your free of charge new house. I will even feed you each day.”

51 thoughts on “Bee

      1. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure. It’s complicated. I’m complicated. Or maybe it was God’s will. I have met some new people (including you) through switching blogs. If I hadn’t started a poetry blog I wouldn’t have looked up poetry blogs, and I wouldn’t have found your blog, via your “terrible poetry” posts. So that was a good thing. ☺ I think I need to be on my poetry blog. I was very imbalanced. I stopped enjoying life. That’s complicated too, but God is sorting me out. I’m a mess… and this response got really jabbery (sorry) Long story short…I think God moved me.

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  1. Two months is a very long time. Over here they talked about one month (until April 19) but you never know. It all depends on how things develop.
    And that bee is hilarious (and so are you how you described the natural place in your garden… lol). I have a tortoise who must have a similar personality. If it wants to get through that wall, or up that little rock, or through that fence, it will try until it manages to make it happen. And it succeeded mostly with its stubbornness. UnBEElievable every time again!

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      1. Hahaha, yes, they are. You nailed that… lol. I love the name you had for your tortoise. They are faster than they are said to be. When I put him outside his fence and forgot about him running around all of a sudden he was gone… I was close to heart attacks quite a few times searching him.

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      2. Meanwhile, I think that my tortoise is the reincarnation of yours… lol. He comes running when he sees me and follows until he reaches me. Such funny creatures…

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      3. Haha! Yes, indeed, they all seem to be the same. When there is an obstacle then it hast to be climbed… over and over again… lol! My one made it even up the roof of his little hut. However he made it. And he broke the fence to his neighbors (the guinea pigs). Thank God, there were no guinea pigs in there anymore when he did it or after he managed they would have been gone.

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  2. “Bee nice my little stripey friend and beehave beecause I don’t want you buzzing in my house. You have a beeautiful home of your own that beelongs to you and you alone”

    See if that works 🐝😊x

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      1. Neither am I by any of it. For me these are just noises being made so folks will keep waving their Dunkirk spirit flags. All I could hear today int he shopping carnage was people worried about their jobs, how long they had with pay what would happen next for them after that had gone. No-one is reassured. Shocking all of it.

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  3. Alas, we’ve had plenty of ground bees, but no good honey bees. With all this time at home I’m praying we can get a decent garden going–assuming the snow stops hitting us! (Yup, we’ve had snow yesterday, and more is coming tonight. Not a ton, but just enough to kee the landscape chilly.) I agree on car bills. I should have gotten new tires for my car this winter, but the money just wasn’t there. Guess I can put off those new tires for a while…

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  4. Oh I need such stories, I do hope bees move in soon. I dont think bumble bees live in such structures. I was reading about how long people are being told around the world they will be in this situation . Here in Australia we are being told at least 6 months. As the country with the 2nd highest per capita debt in the world last year it is going to be really really bad for many people and families over here. the government is finally getting financial support for small businesses and sole enterprises, asking businesses to keep paying casuals? WtF who in a small business not open will or can afford to do that. Sadly most of these helps do not come into effect for weeks. I feel for those in cities with big mortgages and incredibly high rents. (even in Hobart Tasmanias captial the rents are high ) today the hospitality industry was impacted, all pubs, clubs cafes, restaurants closed at midday, if they can do take aways and home deliveries that is all they are allowed to do. the queues for the unemployment offices Australia wide had huge lines social distancing in place as well of desperate people applying for financial help benefits many not realising it will be a few weeks before they if eligible will receive those too. (a lot quicker than when I had to apply I bet). The government is doubling the unemployment benefit. (so these people are even more fortunate than those of us who have been on it for a a while and scrapping by while looking for work) .

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      1. Poor bee, we have bumble bees here in Tasmania they were introduced for pollinating poly tunnels,escaped and now are all over the island. First time I ever saw one. so big and fluffy you wonder how they fly.

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