Let’s see what we can find in our little part of this beautiful planet. Today it’s the village pond. Few will know it exists as it’s hidden well behind the church, backing onto farmland. Yes a footpath passes close by but if you stick to it then the water is hidden. To find the pond you need to venture off the path and slog your way through an overgrown and very muddy piece of land. Hard work but worth it.

Understandably today brought a catalogue of work event cancellations. Certainly the rest of March and April will be virtually workless. Probably May as well. Three months without pay really. But we are so fortunate. As a family we can just about survive until work picks up again. At least I will have a job after things stabilise. Many will not be that fortunate. My heart goes out to you if your in that position.

I can’t do anything about the lack of work. What I can do is to use the time it frees up to focus even more on our son. Like many kids he is concerned, frightened, confused… I need to use this time to try and make happy memories for him. And maybe me as well.

So lets see what we can squeeze out of this strange period in our life’s. Fun and good stuff might not necessarily be easy to find currently. But like the village pond, with a bit of hard work it must be there somewhere. We will find it and create memories.

The village pond always brings a smile. Its already a location which has helped form good memories. His old nursery had this thing about getting the kids to look after and care for various toys. One weekend our son was sent home with a doll in a beautiful white dress. He had to look after the doll, show her his home, care for her and record all this in her diary. He decided that he wanted to show the doll the village pond. We set off with him carefully cradling the doll. Unfortunately on the way our son accidentally dropped her in a cow pat. The poor doll was submerged, head first with just her legs sticking out of the smelly pile of poo. Our little four year olds son looked at the poor doll, then calmly at me and with a cheeky smile said the immortal words

“Dad what have you done….”

67 thoughts on “Doll

  1. Kinda feels like we’re all head-first in cow patties right now.

    I still have some savings… enough to get by (esp if I decide not to pay property taxes and to take advantage of the 90day income tax deferral). But sooooo many Americans live beyond their means… a lot are about to experience severe shock. Even if they qualify for assistance, it’s FAR less than regular pay. I figure that reality will hit in about a month.

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      1. I literally can’t watch any more news.

        I think my final straw was an inflammatory article predicting 1-2M deaths in the US. China’s population is literally 500x ours but we’re gonna have 300-600x the death? I suppose it could happen over 10yrs or something but I don’t imagine that in the next 3mos.

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      2. The US is just now getting enough tests to start checking people with mild symptoms. No idea how many cases are really out there but deaths are now 155 for the entire country which isn’t worth panic.

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  2. Older Daughter is a nurse, she’s OVERworked, Younger Daughter works at a cannabis dispensary…plenty of business😉😂😂 And I rely on the government for my income. We’re okay financially. We’re still symptom-free too, so aside from my sanity being at risk with Ben home, it’s regular life.

    I’m hopeful that despite our ‘leaders’, people will recognize our common humanity and help each other. I’m hopeful that there will be some good to balance the toilet paper hoarders. I’m hopeful that if we trip and wind up head down in cow pie, someone will pull us out and wash us off. Then, obviously, blame the tripping on the other guy😉😂💌

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  3. Lol… I’m glad to hear you are gonna be ok, and still have work after all this is said and done…

    And also – lol – love your sons sense of humor lol – that is awesome!! 😄😄 you know that’s the story that was told right? Lol

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      1. Yes it was always… Look what OO did. As in YOU. When OOH was standing miles away. But maybe that is why it was OOH’s fault. Once the younger one made a mess of her room and sat there crying going ‘Look at the mess that everyone made.’

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  4. Quite a fast learner, your boy…

    Amid quarantines and madness, living in a village has some huge consolations – much easier to go out for walks away from people both to avoid contamination and potential orders to get back inside.

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  5. It is always the parent… lol! I am glad you are safe in all ways. We are doing good over here too. We will still get paid and even if things would change we could make it for a few months without salaries. And we too will still have a job. Blessings to you and your son, Gary!

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  6. So glad you can. a world gone or going into lock down.
    If you do have some contact with neighbours, it would be helpful to set up a community contact list for a WhatsApp group to stay in touch if anyone needs help around you, or you need help yourself. I think that would work really well for people who may feel very isolated by this thing and all the financial and social problems it will cause.

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    1. PS Sorry, lost the beginning of that…

      So glad you can survive for a bit without work. Also, keep your son at home with you. Nothing positive about keeping him in school as they will be closed shortly anyway… He will be much happier with you in a world gone, or going, into lock down.

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      1. PPS We are in self isolation at the moment as we have been experiencing some symptoms that may or may not be COVID 19. We are away from everyone as much as we are able. Our symptoms may just be a cold and fever has not figured, except for one night for a few hours. Coughs have subsided for the moment and so has the sore throat and headache.
        People should not be frightened but just try to keep stress levels down, get plenty of sleep, eat lots of fruit and veg and take some vitamin D to keep the immune system strong and able to deal with any infection.

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  7. Yes a bit of a chaotic time but you have seem to figure out how to make it workable and enjoyable . Happy to hear that. I remember the doll project. For myself. It was caring a small package of flour . Let’s say that was a bit interesting ( hahaha) I do not remember my kids having to do this. I wish they had I think it’s a good responsibility for some that are a bit absorbed. And need a bit of reality. Like my kids. Sadly..

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  8. Sometimes the best things are found off the beaten path, where humans have not yet had the chance to ruin them. I can tell you that it is 9:00 p.m. as I’m reading this post, and for the first time today, I actually chuckled over the story about the doll falling into the pile of dung! Thanks, my friend!

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      1. Yep, and that is normally what I say, but … sigh … our leaders allowed this to be so much worse than it might have had to be, and they are still making the wrong decisions that some people will never recover from. I foresee long-term consequences far past the life of the virus itself for so many. Take care, my friend … keep finding those off-the-beaten-path treasures. xx

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      2. I know absolutely that I don’t trust our politicians to do that. There are a handful trying to do the right thing, but their efforts are suppressed by the majority whose self-interest far supersedes the interest of We the People.

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