My neighbours bird bath. Over the years it has become increasingly hard to fill. Thankfully the Yorkshire weather usually takes care of that.

Yesterday was a decently fun day. Any day with Pizza helps. We played football in the garden. Son fired a million questions at me. Including the following belter.

Name 10 best things about Torquay”

We had been watching John Cleese in old episodes of Fawlty Towers. It’s set there.

“Son your going to annoyingly tell me that you know 10 such facts”

Actually 17 facts Dad”

I whispered a silent bugger under my breathe.

We then tried to watch the new Joker movie. I was watching it thinking the acting is brilliant but I’m not enjoying this in the slightest bit. Then son broke my thought pattern.

Dad I’m really not in the mood for this. I enjoy a good bit of Joker but this isn’t a Joker movie. It’s a movie about how a country fails to deal with mental health and how people look down on others who are different. I don’t like the way the film is doing it. Let’s watch it another day.”

So ten minutes later we had the new Shaun The Sheep movie on. That there is a movie.

But I understand what our son was talking about. Not the right time or mood for this Joker movie. There is too much going on in the world. It is also Mother’s Day in the UK. That’s one of THOSE days…. I must admit the social distancing has severely restricted our visits to the shops. That means less chance to walk past all the cards, flowers and potential gifts. Dealing with it for just one day is better than having it rammed down our throats for weeks on end.

I must admit this one has been less painful than the other ones we have endured. We have wished our lost mums a happy day. In my partners case we have kissed the ashes. Then so far we have gotten on with the job of making the most of today. My heart does go out to many mums today. Because of the restrictions and other factors outside of their control, they may not see kids and grandchildren today (or for many days to come). I really hope a way is found for a connection to be made. A text, a video call, a card, a cute photo, a virtual hug or a telephone call saying ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Stay safe and to all mums out there. Sending you a big hug. Thank you for being super heroes.

74 thoughts on “Torquay

  1. In the US, Mother’s Day is the 2nd Sunday in May, Father’s Day is the 2nd Sunday in June.

    When is UK Father’s Day?

    I had a hard time spotting the birdbath at first. All those pretty purple flowers. I’ll bet the bees and butterflies love that area as much as the birds.💌

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  2. Your son is … just so damn smart, so attuned, so astute. Here in the U.S., Mother’s Day is in May, and I always forget about the difference, so I was chuffed this morning, after a very difficult night, to wake to a Mother’s Day ecard from my maybe-someday-daughter-in-law in Chester in the UK, a most wonderful young woman. Her surprise card made my day.

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      1. Yes, we can walk as much as we like, can still go to the grocery, and oddly, though we are supposed to “shelter in place” most businesses remain open and are begging customers to come in. Fabric stores, clothing stores, bookshops … all remain open.

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      2. In some states here it is the same, but not in Ohio. Sigh. If the police start enforcing the ‘shelter-in-place’ rules, I am in trouble, for … I have a little problem with being ‘told’ what to do, even if it is for my own good. Sigh. I’m ready to give it up and come back as a wolf. 🐺

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  3. In France Mother’s Day is 7 June and Father’s Day 21 June. It appears many countries hold these celebrations on different days. These celebrations now rather pass us by though I did ring my late parent’s best friends yesterday and urged them to stay in doors for however long it takes. I’ve seen The Joker and understand why Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for his performance but I agree with your son, it’s an uncomfortable film to watch.

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      1. Yeah… that thing we are watching is like that. After we watched the episode the Mr goes what about another one and I said, ‘ nah let’s watch Liar, it is on soon’. Well that was depressing as hell.

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  4. I LOVE Shaun the Sheep. Hope you enjoyed it. Sad Mother’s Day. First year without my mother too, as she died just before Christmas. Your son is one highly intellugent individual Gary. I hope you have a good day today xx

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  5. Really lovely post. Any good reasons to go and visit Torquay? I have been there once but I’ll say no more as I would hate to offend anyone. Mother’s Day didn’t appear to be altogether any different than any other day in my house! Just saying!! Xx

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  6. Yeah, you got to be in the right mood for the Joker movie. I watched it for all the hype around it – I think what’s his face earned the Oscar, but I didn’t care for the storyline either. Beautiful flowers! Glad you had a great day in spite of the day. Thinking of you!

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  7. Faulty towers is a good show. I’m glad that this mother’s day wasn’t as hard on you. Here it’s in May, so it’s quite a ways off yet. Mom’s ARE super heros, but thankfully dad’s are too. Keep up the good work superdad.

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