This week along with some more flowers blooming, the school emails have steadily been rolling in. I’ve been lucky with 6 emails. Son not so lucky. So far he has 35 unread teacher emails and another 5 this morning. I thought this was the Easter break.

Dad I’m not reading these until the weekend. I’m on holiday”

Couldn’t agree more. Can we just let kids have some fun and have a break from all the crap.

Next holiday I’m putting on out of hours message. Something like – I’m now on holiday which finishes on xxxxxxx if you have any concerns please email my Dad.”

Yesterday was one of those rare Yorkshire days. A day when you here the little used words

Dad I think we need sun cream, do we have any”

Mad parenting panic quickly followed by a mad house search. This is Yorkshire. I remember going to a Test Match (cricket) here many moons ago. The helpful announcer kept playing Government warnings about the need to where hats and use sun lotion to avoid the harmful effects of sunburn. It was ironic as it chucked it down all day and we never once had a glimpse of the sun. Everyone was huddled under umbrellas or seeking cover from the torrential rain in the beer tents. Our county is many things but if you had to list the top 1000 things about Yorkshire, the words hot and sunshine are never going to feature.

After a chaotic search a tub of factor 30 was found. Probably last used on a trip to Switzerland.

Is it still in date Dad?”

I didn’t need to look at the date to confirm the answer. But in the spirit of accuracy I checked. It was only slightly….. 2018.

Well it will have to do but I will be informing my solicitors

We needn’t have worried as this is Yorkshire. In the time we had been protection hunting, the dark clouds had rolled in. Now the most appropriate form of protection was a jumper.

89 thoughts on “Rolling in

  1. The weather has been crazy in my part of world. 70 degrees and sunny one day and in the low 30’s with snow the next. I agree that the kids deserve a break through all of the chaos happening in our world right now. Hope you & your son are staying safe and well.

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  2. My paleness would probably fit right in😂 I can burn in 10 minutes. The sun went away from SoCal too. Well mostly…it peeked between the clouds. My kinda spring weather!

    I agree with Son. Break is break. He shouldn’t have to deal with anything school related until break is over. I’m betting a bunch of those emails say the same thing, only from different teachers. That’s your tax money at work🙄💌

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  3. Unreal !! The ten year old and the nine year old started back at virtual online primary school last Wednesday, with work that “Mum” thought was quite realistic. She was even more impressed that first morning to receive phone calls from the teachers checking up on how the first morning was going for the girls. Teachers, children and Mum all happy. Four year old little brother took a bit of organising though. I hope you two both have good coping strategies for your crazy situation.

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  4. At first when starting to read this… I saw the purple flowers 💐 ooohhh so pretty!! 💜

    Then you had me laughing lol… thats hilarious how you described the rain “chucking” lol

    And then no “hot or sunshine” and expired lotion lol …you are very funny

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  5. you really are a gifted writer … you always find the humour in things! Even the weather 🙂

    Over here many parents only force their kids study for 2-3 hours … they are saying it’s too precious a time to enjoy together. They don’t want to be authoritarian and the kids will catch up. 35 is excessive!

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  6. It’s sunny and warm here in Antalya. Not being able to enjoy it much though… Weird days.. Hope we feel the Easter joy and sunshine deep in our hearts once more in near future.. Have a great weekend! Thanks for this lovely post.

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  7. Oh my gosh, the emails! Every Monday my inbox is inundated with teacher emails. The older kids are in secondary schools and have a separate teacher for each class and they are emailing like I know which kid the teacher goes to. It is so confusing! Your son makes me smile – he’s so funny 🙂

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  8. I think you must have sent us some of your weather, for we haven’t had a full day of sunshine in weeks, and had snow on Thursday. Why on earth are the teachers sending 35 emails to students on holiday week??? Have the teachers nothing better to do? Ridiculous!

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  9. I think your son has a very good idea…he should do a “sorry out of the office until_______” for those teachers. That strikes me as overreach to the nth degree during a holiday week.

    I love the pic of the purple flowers, we also have those here (though there will be no evidence of them for months to come).

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  10. You know, I think we live in a very different Yorkshire from each other. It hasn’t rained here for six weeks and my garden soil is like concrete 😊

    Since I started gardening, I’ve become fascinated by weather patterns. Previously, I really didn’t notice unless it was icy under foot or snowing. Anyway, I am glad you had some sunshine!

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  11. A couple weeks back it looked like we were into an early spring with 10 C daytime temperatures. Lately we’ve been getting -5 C temperatures at night with the occasional snow squall. Glad my beans hadn’t sprouted yet. Meanwhile the garlic continues to grow.

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  12. I feel ashamed for not using sun cream enough.

    And btw, those flowers are my favorite ones. I could spend a day or more just by smelling and enjoying these little darlings.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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