Some objects look spectacular and then you have me……

“Dad the lockdown means that it doesn’t matter what you look like. We have seen one person in 7 weeks. No one is going to see you. Which in your case today is a real bonus.”

Last night was spent listening to songs from the Stranglers and Bad Company. On Tuesday the music world lost Dave Greenfield the brilliant Stranglers keyboard player to this dreadful virus. Only a few months back we had seen him so full of life and at the height of his form playing in Leeds.

Then yesterday Brian Howe the wonderful Bad Company vocalist was lost to a heart attack. I only got the chance to see him once. A night I will never forget. It was the night my dad died. So yes I listened to some music. Music with mixed emotions. But thankfully most of my thoughts stayed on legacy. Focusing on what those two fine musicians had contributed to my musical journey.

As we all know – life has to go on. The world keeps turning. Got to keep listening to the music. Often music and life are intertwined.

So why was I looking so beautiful this morning, so deserving of that comment from our Son. I had been sneakily trying to regrow my beard. Hoping Son wouldn’t notice. Well it was spotted and I was ordered to shave. I did a beautiful job shaving the left side of my face. Then abruptly the electric razor stopped working. It went bang. So now I’m left with half a beard and half a moustache until a new shaver arrives on Monday. Strangely I can’t remember that look ever catching on.

Well if someone comes to the door you will just have to stand side on Dad. You can decide if you go for the beard look or the shaved look. It’s your call. You could even try and confuse them. Every time they look away, turn to the other side.”

Never thought I would be such a trend setter….

80 thoughts on “New Style

  1. I just love your sons views. I was in tears with laughter with his comment on standing side on and maybe confusing the person who comes knocking at the door by swapping sides, when they are not looking.

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      1. 😁 If someone done that to me that I did not know, I be doing a double take, studying and asking myself, did I just see that right? I probably have a big grin, not being able to contain my smile. But still be thinking have I just seen, or not seen?

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  2. I like your son’s sense of humor.

    If it’s making you too self conscious, you could just greet people wearing a face mask. They’re all the rage today.

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  3. As per usual you leave laughing at the end. I was chuckling at the beginning, then you took me down to a serious level before raising me up again. That was quite a ride. I enjoyed it though.

    As for your half-shaved face, I remember years ago an entertainer who purposely did just that and performed his whole act standing sideways, every now and then he’d turn to the other side to give his audience a different view. so, you see, people paid money for that “two-faced” look. Just saying. You and your son would make a terrific comedy act!

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  4. My husband’s cousin actually grew a beard like this on purpose. He was doing oil exploration in Alaska and obviously know that nobody who cared would see him either.

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  5. I am growing my Corona beard, started on the first day of lockdown. I have had occasional beards before, but this one is shockingly grey. My kids quite like it though, Mrs Scooj is just having to put up with it.

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  6. I’m sorry for your losses. I listen to 70’s music and I am well aware of Bad Company. I am glad you have the memory of the concert to hold close to your heart. I truly believe that music connects us with so many others as well as to ourselves. Blessings!

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  7. This just seems funny after the comment I left you about the family with the marvelous moustaches. I like your sons suggestion. Or you can give him a one man performance and give each side of your face a personality. Then when he begs you to stop you can say, “What, isn’t this what you wanted? You told me to shave. Look what it did to me!? Lol. He’d probably just call you a Muppet though.

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  8. Hahaha oh this post is awesome!!! 😄😄 it reminds me of something? I can’t put my finger on it?

    But that is totally awesome!!! Well you could have one side for him – and one side for you lol

    Plus imagine all the smiles that would bring lol … I like it lol ✌️

    Awesome post!

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  9. We should have gotten a picture of that. What? No straight razor in the house? No Gillette quadruple blades with a smooth strip?

    Dave Greenfield was already in the hospital with heart trouble and he was 71. Underlying conditions will make COVID much worse.

    Brian Howe was a surprise.

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