So frustrating. Quite a bit of the sky is blue yet the black clouds keep rolling over the top of us. Keeping the Sun hidden. That’s as close as we have been to a glimpse of the big yellow thing. Which happens to be an awful lot closer than we have had to anything resembling competent government recently…..

So this morning the Government has said that their message is crystal clear, the problem is that some people just can’t understand it…. So they have helpfully clarified some stuff. The new Stay Alert message means you must stay at home and also that you must not stay at home. You can only see one person a day from a different household. So if you have two parents then you can only see one of them. Yet people can go to work and meet work colleagues (as many as you like) as long as you follow the new workplace rules – rules which have not been written yet. People should wear masks, but only if they really want to. Don’t need to worry about things like if the masks meet minimum standards, an old sock will do – anyway that’s what many of our nurses and care workers have had to resort to using as the Government couldn’t be bothered to buy enough protective kit. It’s completely safe to go out but don’t try to use public transport as this may or may not be safe. We have the same rules across the UK and you can drive anywhere you want to. BUT not to Scotland or Wales as they might be using the same rules but differently. It will soon be completely safe to send under 10’s back to school but they won’t be able to play together as that would be completely unsafe. We have the most open and honest government in the world but we won’t be releasing the scientific advice we have been using and we will only answer questions that we think are appropriate. The Government has issued detailed rules, bizarrely many of these are still being written (that’s a minor technicality) and don’t get so hung up on the safety details. Just use good old British common sense and basically wing this …..

So yes the sun has refused to shine so far but there is always hope it will. Unfortunately with Boris there is absolutely no hope of competent government ever appearing. Sadly we are not the only country like this. I just hope you get more of the sun than we do…..

89 thoughts on “Frustrating

  1. My Brit friend and I have stopped trying to win the who has the most incompetent leader contest. At this point, Trump and Boris are basically morally defective twins with bad hair.

    We got two days of sun and are about to get 5 days of gloom and rain so hopefully that will flip and you all can have some solid sunshine. Much as my vampire-y self hates bright sunlight, I can’t deny how much healthier it is for my mental state than rain and gloom. Think it’s like that for many people.

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  2. So many mixed messages. For my birthday I was hoping to just go to the beach and listen to the waves. I thought it was possible because they had opened the boardwalks for people to exercise on. The beaches were open to surfers or people that wanted to run there, but not to swimmers or immediate families that wanted to sit there….? A little odd. Who even knows what is going to happen with the school. Hopefully, a couple months will help all the decision-makers.

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  3. We had some sun today, but dark clouds are rolling in. Daughter says it might rain. The weather & the government are both screwy!

    I was hermit before, I’ll be a hermit during & after (whatever that means). It just means I gotta wear shoes & a mask in public instead of just shoes🤷🏼‍♀️🤣💌

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    1. Here we can’t even get the mask thing clear. The message is yes wear them, no don’t wear them, only use those which are for viruses, it’s ok to use old socks….. So today London’s tubes are heaving again with some wearing proper masks, some with home made masks and many without any masks……

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  4. The weather has changed here too. I was going to plant some flowers this week. With the threat of rain I’m not rushing out to do this. Begonias don’t do so well when they get drenched. I’m not sure now if I’ll plant this year. As for your government…. well… take what you can get I guess. I was actually praying for England yesterday. The fact they told you anything is an answer to prayer for me. The sun will shine again.

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  5. Thank heavens for credible leaders such as Macron and Merkel. It’s now #deconfinement +3, I have my free local government supplied masks and I know exactly what I can and cannot do and when and where I must wear my mask.

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      1. In France you’re not allowed on public transport without a mask. A mask which will have been distributed free of charge by your local Town Hall. In the larger towns, such as Nice, the wearing of masks is mandatory everywhere. Where I live is much smaller, there are not so many people so we can choose whether to wear them or not. I confess I don’t go out without either gloves or mask.

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      1. Lol yeah… we have the same thing over here! We also voted for a clown lol 🤡

        Here we have a big mess lol… we are Americans – we don’t listen to shit, and if we don’t like it – you gonna know lol…

        You have half of the people listening and being careful, staying at home, wearing mask, etc … and then the other half is screaming for their rights 🤨😄… and just not listening – wanting protests and everything … ignoring orders, saying come arrest me …

        Yeah 🤨 – shit show

        We gonna come back, and we gonna see it again… we gonna have a lot more deaths … thats out of my hands.

        I’m just gonna take it as it comes at me and hope for the best 🙏

        I am gonna have to work at some point – more than just a day or 2 at the funeral home. And my school is down and out now … so this is not gonna be pretty.

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  6. I feel your pain. While I can understand the pressure Boris and his team must be under, just answer the questions in plain English man and stop avoiding them.
    As a fellow Brit I am just as confused but ill keep doing what I was doing before. But I’m not wearing any masks like its a fashion accessory for some people (non front line). Stay fit! Stay healthy buddy!


  7. Yup: I have to go back to school and mix with a class of kids, but if I want to see my sister I have to meet her in a park. And she’s not allowed to bring her husband with her. 🤣

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  8. Ugh. So it sounds like your situation is pretty similar to here in the states. I just hope it’s already run it’s course for the most part and we don’t get more drastic spikes when everything ‘reopens’

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