A beautiful cloud but wow does that hedge need trimming….

You take a photo of a cloud and it ends up giving you another job to add to the list. Everything is connected. Yin and yang. My parents always talked about good stuff and bad stuff being linked. If something good happens to you, immediately prepare for the kick up the backside. Or if something bad has happened, remember to look out for the rainbow.

About a year after my partner died, I was asked to speak to someone who was in a similar position. Spouse had died and was now a single parent. I remember he asked me to think of one positive from the whole bereavement gig. According to my parents something good must have come after the bad. I could think of four positives

  • You get to spend more quality time with your kid(s). Your not sharing responsibility anymore,
  • It can make you into such a better parent,
  • It shows how much you loved your partner (so easily forgotten),
  • We got a pet dog…

So yes good and bad stuff must be linked. So why do I keep forgetting that…

Yesterday I got the munchies. A real bad case of the munchies. I needed something full of sugar and bad for me to eat. Nothing in the kitchen cupboards, so off I went into the garage on my desperate quest. Then a RESULT. I found an opened bag of my favourite sweets. I should have immediately remembered that where there is a good thing then bad is lurking close by. As I walked out of the garage I just couldn’t wait to tuck into the sugar filled heaven. So I started to open the sweet pack on the move. The bag ripped asunder. Bad stuff lurking. The little bits of sugar filled heaven suddenly became Exocet guided missiles. Only one target. The cat litter tray. Yep every single sweet hit it’s target. Only one word can describe that feeling. Bugger…..

I most admit the sweets are proving quite an effective absorbing material for the big boy cat. But once again good and bad are linked. Happiness is intrinsically linked with life farting in my general direction. So that beautiful cloud has gone and left a hedge that needs cutting. Life……

53 thoughts on “Life and a bag of sweets

  1. I love the photo of the cloud – so wispy looking. We used to say bad things come in threes. We also used to say that seeing one crow meant death was coming. We used to say a lot of things – superstitions handed down through the generations. I still will not let crossed knives lay on the table, a very, very bad omen; a dropped spoon means company’s coming (better get tidying up, except for right now. Right now we can be slobs haha). Wow there are so many I can’t list them all – don’t want to get carpal tunnel. LOL

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      1. I don’t really like the view of trading off good or bad…

        But things happen because that’s how life rolls… I could claim for awhile I lived with Murphy’s Law lol … I am irish and ALOT went really bad- there was absolutely NO good in there.

        I have brought my good on myself. I worked very hard to get here… and I am thankful and it’s good, cause I am happy.

        Bad things can happen now, and they aren’t so bad. They don’t rock my boat.

        That doesn’t mean I won’t have more boat rocking bad,.. cause I will – but that’s not because I got good. That’s just how life goes

        good for bad is like punishment to me lol … or tit for tat?

        I don’t see it the same way

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      2. Just a different perspective or view. Not really better or worse, just different.

        Our experiences are different, and everyone handles things differently

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  2. Less haste, more speed Dude! I always have a few bars of sweets in the house for that very eventuality. And I don’t even have cat! I’m not going to advice about the hedge … mot after my recent attempts to ‘tidy’ the garden. X

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  3. Good and bad..yin and yang…darkness and light…yup. The only constant is change. Sorry the sweets ended up in the cat litter. Were you able to find something else to fill the sweet tooth?

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