Dad I’m seeing either a new element which will make up the next Ironman reactor or a distant multiverse….”

Strangely I was thinking

Better pull the little blighter up, that’s where the tomatoes are going…..

It’s all about different perspectives. That’s reflected in two conversations I’ve had with teachers today. Same child, two different teachers, two different takes.

  • He’s been doing so well. Worked his socks off. Have to find ways to allow him to shine. Need to try and get him into much higher teaching group.
  • Bottom set is his level. He does struggle with the basics of reading and writing.

Again let’s not forget, teachers are humans and it’s down to individual perspectives. You agree with some you don’t with others. But they are human.

Our current Government and media fail to recognise that human element. For the last few days teachers have been demonised. Their crime being to raise safety concerns about the proposal to reopen parts of the school system. They have been branded cowards, lazy, lefties, traitors. The nurses have risked their life’s so the teachers should pull their weight and get back into schools. Those making these comments are currently working from the safety of their own living rooms. It’s so easy to attack people, to ask others to accept risk when you are bunkered down in your little safe area. To call for sacrifices from the comfort of your armchair. Tell you what why don’t we do something. Before we send teachers and young kids back to school why don’t those demanding these sacrifices volunteer to work in a care setting for a week. Until they are prepared to do this then they should crawl back quietly into their nest of vipers. Leave sorting this mess out to those who will treat people as humans. Understand them, support them, be honest with them, work with them.

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      1. People have fallen into categories. For me, from the start, it’s been those sitting in comfort or sitting so pretty working from home, who have had way too much to say on subjects that are killing other people and I am not just talking virus wise. If we didn’t get out there and clap for the NHS we were disgusting and ungrateful. If we so much as went for a walk, even though allowed, what kind of people were we? Hadn’t we read the advice. STAY HOME. If we don’t wear a facemask we are appalling and woe betide anyone daring to practice any common sense cos frankly when it comes to certain things, we have had enough of being talked to like children, largely by those sitting not just pretty working from home, maybe not working at all cos the mortgage is paid and our grown up daughter or son has come to stay. So why can’t we all just sit tight and wait for a vaccine? In the same breath they are moaning about teachers talking common sense, about parents. doing the same. It’s disgusting what this is doing that way. people like your good self are getting cheesed. Seriously cheesed.

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      2. There was a great post going the rounds on facebook yesterday my Mr. shared from an NHS worker asking people to stop. And why. Highlighted the disgraceful pay and conditions. How they go round the price hiked Asda on the spesh hour, the lot. We’ve not joined the clapping. It would be pointless We’d have to go down to the street and the kind of road this is there’s only a handful of houses that front onto that street. So no-one does it here. BUT even if we could we wouldn’t. The entire thing for me has been rather too like the sending of the nations young over the top in WW1 with no bullets and cheering them as they went. PLUS, has one single person seen the folly of standing out there in a cold night right now and getting a chest infection??? Worsening a cold? Adding to the patient list? Our wee grandie does it but that is cos it is something for him to do. His mam ses he starts getting all the paint tins out at 6 30 and plays them like a steel band. He prob kids himself the clapping is for him! But they live in this street where if you don’t get out there you are bad. Oh it has been grand cover up flag waving. Bodger came out of hospital singing their praises, just not the extent he saw to it they got PPE though.

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    1. oh yeah. They make noises re this or that nurse who saved their life but they don’t give a proverbial about saving theirs in any way. Did you even say reptiles to describe them the other day???

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  1. Many people look not at themselves and their world, but ONLY at how others are not doing the thinfs they are scared to do. It’s like Trump, blame others so that no one will see his failures and shortcomings.
    And then there are the peoplewho look at the good sudes of others. Those are the people we needmore of, but they are too nice to think they can rule the world. Which is why we seldom hear of them. Love teacher #1. Teacher #2 can suck it.

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  2. There is no faith or trust in the government and the decisions they make. Why then would teachers feel secure and comfortable when there is seemingly no logic or reason and certainly no clarity in the plan? Or come to think of it, no plan at all.

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  3. Besides the reality that kids could be fine but bring C19 to older family members, there’s an increasing fear about that “Kawasaki-like” disease, which can kill kids and no one knows how/why it’s happening. I’ve started to hear chatter about that preventing the reopening of schools. Given that no one knows what their doing, and the risk of another round of C19 is high, I’d prefer that school’s be kept closed for everyone’s safety.

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    1. If the government had been more open. Shared their science more then I might have bought into this. But they haven’t, so people will make their own minds up. In our case the decision is to bunker down until more evidence is forthcoming


      1. I have the same perspective toward any rushed vaccine… I’ll get it after it’s proven safe, not something rushed to market for profit and an egotistic president!!

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  4. Long story short: The government consists of complete, brain dead morons. News cases from outside of the US confirms that hospitals are acting like there is more patients with the disease than the actual tally. Propaganda war has been tossed around too.

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  5. I’ve been saying for a long time that teachers need more support and respect.

    Our future is in their hands.

    That being said, some teachers out to think about a different job or retirement. They are obviously unhappy and it shows in the way they teach and interact with their students.

    We HAVE to start caring about everyone. We HAVE to think of more than ourselves. Obviously selfish xenophobic nationalism isn’t working. We can work together to make things better for our planet and every living creature on it.

    Sorry for ranting in your comments, Gary.🙊💌

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  6. I’m all for waiting. Kids are walking germ bags during the school year and the classroom a petri dish of viruses. They are bringing in germs from home and taking them out. You have bus issues and kids like my daughter who have already made the bold statement “I will not wear a mask in school.” Which I agree would be hard to do for such a long time but only she would make such a statement. Twice today I heard that programs will begin again when we hit green. Some are hopeful that will be midsummer. We are still in the dark red. Not sure I share their same optimism.

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  7. I feel for the teachers – especially with the year end so close, why should anyone risk everything that was gained through the quarantine up to this point for few weeks of school (especially that homeschooling seems to work reasonably well now)?

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  8. Amen! I would not want to be a teacher right now. The challenges seem almost insurmountable. Plus there is still so many unknowns about this virus. And what about the children who have died from some strange disease after having “recovered” from Covid-19? Way too many questions still. I, for one, don’t think children should be back in school until we have a lot more answers. I would not risk the life of my child. That’s my two cents.

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  9. Good heavens. Even our idiot pundits haven’t used that argument. Expose the teachers and children because the doctors and nurses have been exposed? It’s practically creating a Petri dish for infection. Hopefully they have figured out a way to procure PPE for everyone – including the medical professionals

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