A Bee with purpose.

I know I’m not the only one who feels like this but this morning I just can’t get going. I should be sat here writing a post after finishing my morning workout. Raring to go with today’s fun and mayhem. But no. Not even got my gym clothes out of the washing machine yet. Just can’t seem to get going….

The Sun is shining and it’s quite warm, so I can’t blame that.

I just feel like a computer stuck in safe mode. Only operating on reduced power. Just going through the motions, slower than normal. Feeling a bit sorry for myself.

  • I’m tired, didn’t really sleep last night,
  • I’m fed up with the thought of having to wear a chemical and biological warfare suit when I want to pop out to buy some chocolate or post a letter,
  • I’m sick of living in a country run by self serving clowns,
  • I want to hear news which does not involve a virus,
  • Annoyed at the thought of forgetting to do routine stuff. Stuff like probably forgetting to press the washing machine ON button last night….
  • I want to go running in the hills without having to stay alert and measure out my safe distance,
  • I want to have a car that basically works and one which has a replacement brake system which has been stuck in China since March,
  • I have had enough of walking into the kitchen and not finding any food which is even vaguely suitable for IBS,
  • AND I am so frustrated at seeing my beloved Son not feel able to venture out through the front garden gate and experience any of the beautiful world we live in.

Well that’s it. Time to start living. Writing those grumpy cat words have done the trick. I finally feel motivated to get my gym stuff out of the washing machine (don’t care if they are unwashed). Going to do some exercise then going to get my big backside back in gear. Going to have some fun. Going to make Son happy. Going to watch some German Football. Going to root about the bottom of the freezer for some nice food. Going to talk to a real good buddy and see if they fancy playing an online game. Then the day will finish with a great movie night, eating full fat crisps and watching a very silly film.

We can do this…..

89 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I’ve stopped watching the Coronavirus 5pm updates. Unfortunately at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any other news apart from Coronavirus accompanied by pictures of people in hospital beds. One day it will all pass, but not today. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the words Coronavirus, R-rate, unprecedented, and lock-down!

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  2. We can absolutely do this my lovely friend. I lost my shit this morning. Everything felt like a mess. BUT I did my first yoga session … very basic and all stretches … and it was very relaxing. Enjoy your movie night and your online game with your buddy. I’m sure they will be delighted to play.

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  3. hell my computer wouldn’t work in any mode this morning after I put the usb stick for the net in a faulty port….. Up and running now. You are so so right. But look, picked yourself up dusted yourself down and starting all over again. may you do everything on that list.

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  4. I agree with all your points. We’re not going anywhere today other than walking round the block because the holidaymakers are no doubt going to arrive in their droves. Luckily we have plenty of supplies in having topped up a few days ago. Now to work on the next plan of action to keep ahead of the game. Keep safe Gary.

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  5. Kicking my own butt into gear has become a morning ritual. Wr all have low moments…especially after a rough night. I got Bounced way before I was ready and Mr Energizer Bunny was getting into all kinds of mischief.

    We do what we can, one baby step at a time. Laughter is the goal. We can do it💪✊🙌🙌💌💌

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  6. I think we all have felt that way, some a little more or less than others. I have always believed there is not enough darkness in the world to blow out the light of a small candle. Regards.

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  7. Sometimes it does seem hard to push through the night and start a new day. I find if I can force myself to complete one thing it gets me started on the rest. This virus has certainly thrown everyone’s world out sync.

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  8. Well according to the government, life should be returning to normal regardless of numbers or what the CDC says. Cause you know the economy is more important than our lives. They are extending store hours and businesses are reopening here regardless of advice from the CDC or anyone else wishes. If you ask me, this is even more scary because even when things were closed down and people were being told to stay home unless it was essential to leave people still crowded in grocery stores or any store that was open. So much there was not enough space for 6 foot distance. People made me stay home I think for that reason alone, I really think this pandemic proved to me one last time humanity really does suck, at least in the western world. People be like ‘Oh it’s totally essential for me to go to the store ever y single day and hoard more stuff, or just window shop around general merchandise at things that have nothing to do with survival cause you know I am too superior for covid and don’t care about anyone’s safety. LET ME JUST TOUCH EVERYTHING TOO’ you get the point. I am not sure if I am rather disgusted by Trump and his administration or society right now. It scares me how people will respond to society being re open with just being asked nicely to follow guidelines, when they didn’t listen when they were being babysat by the government with direct instructions. I am one of the unfortunate people who works in an essential business, so I am rather unhappy and feel unsafe that our store is extending it hours as I am not ready to deal with the public at work because I have conclude people are either selfish, slobs, stupid or all of the above. Not all, but most. People call me negative or cynical, but I cannot wait to get our own place in the middle of no where away from the city filled with people who are too distracted by false/too much news, social media and/or each other’s equally stupidity. Though we need to go back to normal, some people have a harder time dealing with these times because they have been spoiled and don’t know how to deal with hardships (they should spend time talking to older generations those who lived through the depression etc cause I am sure it was a lot worse than it is now) and or they actually are fake and being alone makes them realize how much they grasp onto their phone and facebook status to ignore the fact they hate themselves and are more insecure than the persona they put on. There is a difference between loneliness and being alone. I myself am personally content with being alone, especially in our society…I have been okay for most of my life so maybe this pandemic is not bothering me as much as it is other people.

    Sorry for venting but for real I am pissed off too. I want to get back to like normal life, but I would still like a 6 feet (even that is being leniant) distance away from all the crazies and stupids in society. I think America also needs to remain a very safe distance from Trump and his thoughts. 😉

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    1. I really know what you mean. It just isn’t thought out. Everything is done on a wing and a prayer. Seeing the buses absolutely heaving again with only a few wearing masks. We are told 6 ft is safe yet then we are told sometimes it’s not needed. Here the approach has become the government not doing anything apart from saying use common sense. Then when people die they just say, not our fault, they didn’t use common sense. It’s not safe to send politicians to work but it’s ok for kids and teachers and factory workers to go.

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  9. Sounds like a good day. Great job finding all the good stuff – I know how hard that can be when you’re feeling low. Takes a lot of hard work, and you did it. Hope your day is awesome!

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  10. It’s normal for things to be a little awry right now. My sleep, which has never been great, is utterly shot. I actually slept better in the midst of the stress of face-to-face teaching than I do now. How bizarre is that?

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  11. I read a really good article on how Gratitude Lists are crap and it’s better psychologically to write Ingratitude Lists and just write out all the crap and have a big moan and looks like it’s done the trick for you!

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  12. Sorry you were having a bad morning. I think we all feel that way sometimes, especially now things can be overwhelming. I hope some good exercise improves your mood as well.

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      1. I am, but they are having me take a prep course called MBA Math this summer. It’s online and self paced but still a decent amount of work. I just hope that daycare is open by the fall or this is going to be HARD.

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  13. Yes, we can do this. It’s not the way we want to do it. It’s not what we’d prefer, but… um… yeah… totally lost the pep in my pep talk. It happens. It happens quite frequently. Nevertheless! (Add some emphasis to that nevertheless.) Nope, still don’t know where that pep talk is supposed to lead to. Hopefully my day will go a little better. Stay light on your feet! I don’t know… it just sounds right.

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