Guard duty…

Scrap the guard duty, is that a biscuit I can smell….

I think we all have that sixth sense. Mine kicked in during the early hours. Son had just popped his head round the bedroom door.

Are you awake Dad?”

At the time I was reading about chaos theory. Got to explain my cooking disasters somehow.

I’ve got a question in my head and I can’t sleep.”

Sixth sense fully kicked in. My mind better get up to speed quickly.

It’s to do with the Royal Family and the rules surrounding the line of Succession.”

Relief as I feared a bird and the bees type question.

I’m guessing my question won’t be adequately covered in the Succession to the Crown Act”

Must admit in all my many years, I still haven’t got round to reading that real page turner.

I bet the Act doesn’t reflect the progress made in genetics, physics and quantum theory.”

No, I think that is a safe bet. Already my mind is braced for impact. A wander into his world is truly joyous but often feels like my mind isn’t quite able to take it all in. Maybe a bit like a modern and much safer version of a Psychedelic Trip.

Ok the rules on succession are quite straightforward and a lot fairer now. But what happens if we spiced it up a bit. What happens if through the advancement in genetics we managed to bring back a former King or Queen. Or maybe we develop time travel and can bring forward a previous monarch. A King or Queen who didn’t lose the throne in battle. Say Henry V or Queen Victoria. So the question is…. Would they still have a claim to the throne. Maybe it would lead to a civil war between those supporting the current monarch and those supporting Henry V or Victoria. Victoria won’t be best pleased with the current state of her empire. Henry V will be distinctly horrified at the current leadership of the country.”

And with that mind altering nugget he went back to sleep on it. Suddenly chaos theory seems so clear now.

46 thoughts on “Chaos Theory

  1. We’re all interested in chaos theory🤣🤣 No, really… I find Quantum Physics (what I understand) very philosophical.
    How does the fact that the Royal Family is purely… hmmm… ornamental (?) figure into Son’s thoughts? They don’t have any real power anymore.

    Cap’n is a very handsome k9😍💌

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  2. i must say, your son’s mind works quite a bit like my own. And his timing. And his seeming ability to keep you on your toes.All excellent qualities if i do say so myself. ( cough, cough…genius!) have you had his IQ tested? Man, i wish i’d had a child willing to discuss this things with me, instead of when i would be obtaining the next box of their favorite sugar coated cereal? or how they could even go ON without the newest video game?….lol…

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      1. yes, its been awhile…151 in high school..but i took it a few years ago ( online) it was guess i got dumber..lmao…or things have just changed..either least i scored higher than a potato…:)

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