The grass cutters have finally arrived. Always a great watch. Even the cows seem to be practicing a bit of social distancing.

Dad did I hear that right we have a track and trace policy going now.”

Yes, after abandoning it in March (as it was deemed to be pointless by the Government) they have now decided it’s a good idea. They have apparently employed 25000 people to do the tracing. Unfortunately the software still doesn’t work.

We don’t believe that number do we.”

No Son we don’t. It’s just lie after lie now.

Apparently it’s cool to go on the beaches now. Maybe they have decided the virus doesn’t like sand and donkeys.”

Sniggering. Yes that might be the case. Since last weekend many of our beaches have been crammed full with tourists. Basically people started ignoring what the government was wittering on about. If it’s ok for the Governments Top Man then it’s ok for us. They have lost control. Now the so called PM is saying it’s official policy to get the beach towels out as so many were doing it anyway. ”

“The science has stopped being used.”

Yep Son it’s gone out of the window.

So if someone goes onto a beach with the virus. Extremely likely given the numbers still with it. Then those trackers are supposed to find who is now at risk.”

That’s the plan. Basically the conversation will go something like this.

  • So you have tested positive, we need to trace who you came into contact with?
  • I went to the beach, used the toilet, rode on the donkeys, queued for chips and went into a shop to buy ice cream.
  • Who did you come into contact with?
  • Thousands of strangers. Best of luck tracing them….

Well Dad at least the donkeys can be traced.”

Don’t forget the seagulls who pinched the chips.

You know what Dad. Let’s give the beach a miss for 2020.”

Can’t really blame him….

102 thoughts on “Cows

  1. You’ve presented it in a great manner. Contact tracing can be very hard especially if the person’s route map is worse than a puzzle. In my home state, they have been doing this since the first case. Even then, it’s been a huge challenge. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be to start it midway!! Those tracers surely have their work cut out for them.

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  2. Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense. I can’t believe the amount of people that are congregating at beaches already. I’m just waiting to hear there has been another spike in numbers.

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  3. I wanna go to the ocean very badly, I miss it! I don’t do the beach like others though. I like to be by myself, away from crowds, off in a quiet spot.

    We’re allowed to walk, run or swim at the beach. No stopping or sitting or gathering. Some folks are ignoring the rules, but they’re still in place.🤷🏼‍♀️

    I’ll wait. The ocean isn’t going anywhere 🌊🏖💌

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  4. Even Dr Hilary on TV (and we haven’t got one remember) said that the wondrous ‘app’ wouldn’t work. Trying to follow through on the track and trace of a scenario as you show is riotously and hysterically impossible! and what about transport on the Tube, shops sales time, sporting events? Once again some egg head has got scrambled.

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    1. Stealing fish from who? The only ones who own the fish ARE THE FISH. No, they don’t want to be eaten, but that is nature. All living things live on other living thing, except those things that are able to extract food from solar power (sunlight). Seagulls need to eat too.

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      1. But do you still hate seagulls? Hating is easier than loving, but without the reward of feeling good about yourself. Hating is an unfulfilling emotion. It servesnoreal purpose in life. (Unless you hate people like Trump, Johnson, etc. They are not worthy of being loved!) Hallelujah!

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      2. And now you hate all of them for what that one bird did? He just wanted to cool off too. He didn’t think you would be THAT upset, lol.


  5. Our govt app is a bit shit, too, but as of yesterday, with airtight borders and having gone through one of the strictest, tightest lockdown worldwide, we have one active case nationwide and no new ones for seven days. I downloaded another, reputable contact tracing system for work which was simple, and working great. But my boss made me change to the govt one. Six hours later we were set up, and two hours after that I personally had the app (simple, eh????) And none of it bloody works. Most places here are also resorting to written lists. Imagine how well that would work should we get a second wave???

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  6. We humans do not teach our children personal responsibility. Given that we are not responsible for anything we do, who is to stop us from not being responsible to those around us. We just don’t care what happens to others, as long as we get what we want. It is passed time that we start learning.

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      1. Too true, Gaty. Too true. That is one reason why I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. I dislike the term evil, evil requires its Godly good oppoosite to exist. Meanwhile, politicians are evil in that they desire power. They are the worst part of democracy. No one should ever vote for anyone who wants power. They make the worst leaders.

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      2. I am doing my best to ignore him – he is an attention seeking egotist. I am trying to send my energies to Joe Biden and the democrats – hoping for positive changes. I do not want to favor the trump with my psychic energy.

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      1. It depends on the kind of beach… hehe. We are having a beautiful bigger pond only 5 minutes away and the lake Constance is about 45 minutes by car. The “Walensee” (in Switzerland) about 20 minutes by car. To reach the sea it takes us about 3 hours… lol

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  7. Oy! I think the bigger virus is the lack of common sense that has infiltrated many, many government offices and infecting so-called leaders around the globe. At the moment our Premier is trying to downplay the seriousness of the corona virus by referring to it as influenza. Does he think we’re all completely daft? Apparently.

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  8. Our lives seem to be a joke in the eyes of our leaders, don’t they? Contact tracing won’t ever work very well, for the exact reason you said … any time we go out, we come into contact with strangers. I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop and exchange names and addresses with every person in the grocery store every week (the only place I go now). Sigh.

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