I don’t know why but last night I had a dream about a trip we had a couple of years back to Lindisfarne. A place called Holy Island. You have to drive across a long causeway running out into the North Sea. After a few minutes you arrive at the small island. You can only drive onto the island at low tide. The monastery was founded on the island in 634 by Saint Aiden. It became the base for christian evangelicalism in the north of the country. In 793 it was raided by the vikings and that raid is often seen as the start of the Viking age.

Son absolutely loved this place because of the history. He also liked the thought of walking somewhere his mum had been. We had a lovely holiday here before we became a family of 3.

Don’t know why I dreamt about Lindisfarne. In the dream we were stranded by the tide. Couldn’t get off the island and everywhere was locked up. And the vikings were coming….. Not sure if my car security is Viking raider proof. It will almost certainly invalidate the car insurance.

Bizarre dream.

I keep reading that so many people are having weird dreams at present. I’m certainly on that list. Not going to try and explain it. All I can say is that I do like a good dream but not the endless sleepless hours which seem to follow mine these days. But I am so lucky. A warm bed. Hot drinks on tap. A safe home. Books to read. Old photos to look at. And I am not alone. Tired yes but I can work round that. I’m ok as long I’m not asked about Quantum Theory or French Verb Conjunctions…..

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  1. I have always had vivid dreams and I love them! I read a sciencey explanation for people experiencing more dreams or more vivid dreams, but I prefer the “woowoo” explanation… that our collective unconscious in disturbed by current events and it’s being expressed in our dreams. That and disturbances in the ether (or Force for the Star Wars nerds😉).

    It looks like a cool place to visit, asleep or awake.💌

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  2. Oh, I have a phobia about tide-controlled crossings!! Dunno why… but it’s really strong.

    I haven’t been remembering my crazy dreams but I remember the many waking thoughts of “that was weird!”

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  3. From random site on teh webs:
    “to dream of a flooded road implies that you’re being overwhelmed by different emotions that you cannot control. In dreams, water symbolizes emotions and if you dreamed of a flood, then you’ve been hiding something for too long.

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      1. I usually have no problem driving along Pacific Coast Highway in an area where the wetlands and ocean sometime cross the road. But at other times, high tide in the wetlands, nearly equal with the roadway and having no barriers, makes me feel like my car will drive in on its own.

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      1. Getting there. getting there. See the Clachaig is taking bookings from July. We already moved on to August. Would put down another for after that but would rather wait, looking at the hoops they may be jumping through to reopen and just how dystopian it looks to be there IF things are not a bit more relaxed. Just gets worse actually in terms of surreal !! Had a nice wee wander down to down town cosmopolitan Broughty Ferry yesterday , takeaway coffee at the harbour. Not too shabby here at all. All the wee indy food and takeaway shops etc doing a roaring trade, Witnessed a socially distanced punch up at the level crossing between two sets of geriatric car divers… Epic.

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      2. Life is returning. Did you intervene from a safe distance. That’s where a cattle prod would come in useful. Just let’s hope the cretins in Whitehall don’t wreck it. I was thinking this morning about how I would love to pop out and get a takeaway coffee and chat to a few bods. I found some of my old Glencoe photos, so many great times. x

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      3. Lol…well I was at the time talking to this woman who was loading up the delivery van for the green grocer. They had been deliveries only till last week largely cos of the kind produce they sell. Just chinning it about this and that, the way folks here do when these two cars came sailing round the corner. I thought I am just going to keep talking here. Honest. It was over language I’ve no heard in mah life from A Ferry person, probably one of these who was holding sway on facebook the other day too about the Douglas minks who had come down on Friday and left their litter and dared buy icecream, which being Fintry mink I took great exception too. But hones t these fellas were 75 if they were a day. What was obvi was the short fuses everyone is one I’d say. What will wreck it up here re anything even in August will be the Scottish gov smacking us all over the hand like we’re kids when the care home figures here are nothing short of a disgrace and the abso bulk of the death figures here too. Anyway the Clachaig are watching the space on how it will all be for them.

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      4. Apparently there was a mass brawl on a local beach the other day over a sand castle. People are so on edge. That age it would be a slow burner of a bust up. The idea of sitting outside is fine as long as the sun shines and the midgies don’t bite. But I so hope you go. I feel so sorry for places like the Clachaig. x


  4. I can so understand your son wanting to walk somewhere his mom had been. I guess that’s the same for me and England. I never knew my great-grandpa. He died before I was even born. I did know my great-grandma though. She passed away around the time I met Andrew, but we searched out my great-grandparents graves together. They are burried in the same cemetery as Andrew’s older brother. He passes away at the age of 20 after being in a motorcycle accident.

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    1. That’s such a young age. What are the chances of the same cemetery. I never met my dads parents (he fell out with them) and my mums dad died before I was born. I so want to find out more about them. I do so hope you find a way of making it to England one day.

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      1. I did get a few years with my mums mum. She would always give me a coin to buy some sweets. My granddad apparently was a football ⚽️ referee. He refereed a semifinal of the countries biggest cup competition. Probably in front of 40 to 50000 fans. But don’t know anything else. I do know where the grave is.

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      2. It’s really nice that you have that memory of your mums mum and you know a little about your granddad. That’s very cool that he was a referee! I know very little about my dad’s side, but I do know some family history on my mom’s side. I will share some of it on my blog one of these days. I think this stuff is really interesting!

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      3. How easy it to track more details down for you. You find out so little often. My uncle was a lovely man who spent his life on his own and his family was really the working club he would go to. For his funeral a coach load of people came from the club and they named the snooker room after him. So nice. But it was only at the funeral that I found out that he had been a fighter pilot. I had no idea.

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      4. Wow! A fighter pilot! What a wild thing to find out.

        A weird thing happened today. You’ve been posting red and white roses. I went into my drafts to work on a piece. I’d chosen a white rose for this post quite a while back. That’s not the wierd part. The wierd part is that at the end I linked it to that piece I told you about called Every Rose Has Its Thorn. (A red rose.) Yeah, I totally don’t believe in coincidences. So it’s wierd, but in a cool sort of way. Just telling you ahead of time… I’m convinced you’ll think I’m a copy cat when I post this one, but I’m not!

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  5. I’ve never heard of this place but your gorgeous photos and its beguiling name stoked my interest. So, I looked it up and I have this to say: how I wish I had a Holy Island close to me! Tiny population, close knit, quiet and peace.
    Maybe it’s a sign to move there 🙂 You’d likely need a change of career, though. And probably homeschooling too.

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  6. Speaking of crossing to an island in low tide, my country of origin has an island in the north that you can cross to on foot at low tide. It’s a sandy, muddy type of walk. I had wanted to do it when I was in The Netherlands in 2001 but the low tide schedule meant we had to start at 5 am after driving for 3 hours to get there. Didn’t happen.

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  7. Speaking of crossing to an island in low tide, my country of origin has an island in the north that you can cross to on foot at low tide. It’s a sandy, muddy type of walk. I had wanted to do it when I was in The Netherlands in 2001 but the low tide schedule meant we had to start at 5 am after driving for 3 hours to get there. Didn’t happen.

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  8. Hello, Friend! So happy to finally be able to read your words again. Ugh, my dreams of late are often awful. Bash was a flesh-eating zombie in one. In another Biff and I are trapped in our car because of a limousine blockade. I always wake up, shaking, wondering where all 3 kids are, knowing I just had a dream but the fear is just so damn real. We’ve got to hold on the best and brightest parts of our worlds and carry it into our sleep somehow.

    Stay well, stay safe. Hugs from Wisconsin! xxxxxxxx

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    1. Hi my friend. So good to have you back. Those dreams just sap the energy. That’s so sough when you have so much on your plate as it is. But life can still be wonderful. Full of people who love you. Look after yourself. Keep smiling. Keep being you and we can do this. xxxxxxxxx

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  9. Odd dream, but as you say, many of us are having them these days. Some nights I am wakened every 15 minutes by nightmares, the most recurring one being that I answer a knock on the door and there stands a man dressed in black with a gun pointed at me. Hugs. xx

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      1. Y’know … when I was looking at the pictures of Swiss Sunday, I could just picture us on the balcony of some little coffee shop, looking out at the beautiful Alps, sipping our coffee, and chatting like old friends. Someday, my friend. I have to believe that, for the situation here right now is so dire that I … just must believe in that. We WILL share a coffee (or more likely the whole pot!) someday. xx

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  10. Weird dreams, you say? 🙂

    My dad was well-known for his backyard BBQs and I’ve had the same dream 2-3 times where I’m in my teens and our backyard is packed with people, and with the exception of my siblings, every single person at the BBQ has passed on, including my parents.

    Did someone say counseling? 😀

    I love the water any way I can experience it… which doesn’t explain why I live in the desert climes of Arizona.

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