Another post and another rose. At least I can grow a few roses. That’s a start isn’t it. A start is usually a good thing…. In this post today means yesterday thanks to WordPress refusing to post last night.

This morning I started looking at employment options. It looks like my job will get mothballed for many months. It’s so dependent on public and sporting events. Realistically these will not properly restart any time soon. So it looks like the sensible decision is to close the company down and then relook to launch again in 2021. Which leaves a decision to be made. As it’s a great fit with my single parent circumstances, do I try to survive on savings until it’s back again? Or do I find something different to either fill in the gap or completely change career path again. So today I today I started looking at available options. I have to say trying to find a job I can make fit round our Son is not easy. I really fell on my feet with this current role. Yes the money is not great but the flexibility is such a bonus. Today’s search just confirmed that. Couldn’t find one option which would work for us. Especially when you factor in the potential commitment to full time homeschooling. But I will keep looking.

Dad not sure a Train Driver is a great idea. Even on tracks you would just end up getting lost.”

True…. what about a Zookeeper

Dad your scared on spiders, snakes, wasps and parrots.”

Ok what about a librarian

Your far too noisy and you can’t even put your own books away.”

Pants that’s true. What about a parking attendant. I would get a free hat.

You are too nice, you would never hand out any tickets.”

What about a chef.

Just NO.”

How about a window cleaner.

Have you seen how dirty our windows are”

So after drawing a complete blank we headed outside to contemplate life, the universe and the state of our windows. There we heard a sound which we haven’t listened to since March. Horse Racing… Our nearest neighbour is a lovely elderly lady. I’ve known her for 18 years now. Over those years she has become increasingly frail and hard of hearing. Each year her TV volume needs to be turned up one extra setting. Definitely now turned to 11 on the 10 scale. Which is great as I can turn my music up just a little louder without fear of upsetting the neighbours. Not sure the quaint old village is quite ready for loud Mongolian Throat metal quite yet… Its certainly not something you hear from my neighbours TV.

She only watches one thing really. Horse Racing. Today Horse Racing restarted without crowds, in the UK and it’s most definitely on next door. That means my neighbour is happy. And that’s a good thing.

84 thoughts on “Horse Racing

  1. AW… Sweet about your neighbour. hey maybe she is a topnotch better on these gigis and you should ask her. I think train driver would be good if you could take your son along. Now that would be epic. Hope you get something. Really gonna be hard for people after this UNLESS of course you are involved in the many loopy gov created to not deal with this thing, job schemes. Maybe they will even introduce snitch on your neighbour. Alas yours don’t sound like she is up to doing too many ‘illegal’ things. But you never know. If she cuts you in on the proceeds… problem solved.

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  2. Hello bereavedsingledad. Do you have a decent computer? If so you might want to look into transcription services that work from home, or medical billing which can also be done from home. There are some date entry jobs that are done from home these days. I know of people who make good money doing the audio work for live streams, podcasts, and conference calls. Best wishes and good luck. Hugs

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  3. I would hold fire on the job, horse racing, darts, snooker, football, golf and rugby are all coming back and while without crowds, knowing this government it will only be a matter of weeks before they start packing out places again. They have already started with beaches

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      1. This is very true, but since they don’t seem to give a fig??

        Although I think they are going to blame everyone but themselves. The public for going to the beach, the shielding for going out (but staying 2 meters apart) the poor for going back to to work and using public transport. The scientists for getting the science wrong. You name it they will blame them.

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  4. Good luck with the job hunting. It won’t be easy but you’re resourceful. I would contact the Swiss Tourst Office and explain the work you’ve done to make their country so appealing to visitors. See if you can continue the good work. Oh, and just don’t accept payment in Toblerone!

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  5. I’ve dreaded thinking about returning to the workforce. In what capacity? What would I do? I have the same issue here too – flexibility. It seems to me, the flexible jobs don’t pay as much. It is so hard – wishing you the very best with your search!

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      1. You are so right. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but I know that those concerns can cause some stress and anxiety, so prayers definitely can’t hurt. I am in average form today. Not too up and not too down. Hopeful would be a great word to describe my present form. ☺

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      2. So wish you were better than average. Let’s hope tomorrow is wonderful for you. I really do appreciate your prayers. Yes money doesn’t buy happiness but not having enough can send you the other way so easily. It’s one less worry we all could do without.

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  6. Aw, hooray for your neighbor’s happiness. And I know what you mean about flexibility. While looking for full-time employment is important for me, too, I get pretty darn worried about losing the flexibility substitute teaching gives. So far, I’m still part-time for the university with subbing eventually this fall (virtual or in-person, who knows?). I hope your search finds something useful online soon. I know you’re not a fan of the current administration, but is there a government agency hiring remote jobs?

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    1. Thank you. I’m looking but nothing much so far. The flexibility is so important as you never can predict what the kids or school will throw at you. Have you ever thought or done, private one on one tuition? I have to be realistic that full time/work away from home stuff cannot happen for at least another 3 years. Just need to find a route through that period. The flexibility is great but the unpredictability of income is not so great. Keep smiling my friend.

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      1. You keep smiling, too! I know, that flexibility feels like a must right now. One-on-one? Oy, as my kids will tell you, I can be a bit awful. 🙂 (Just as Blondie about me teaching her piano–NOT a fan). I’ll keep praying a door opens for you soon. xxxxxx

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    1. ps: REALLY feel you on the job situation. I absolutely can’t figure out what to do. I’ve spent my life as a temp/contract but Calif has messed that up by requiring temps to be given benefits, like perms, and now C19 treatment must be paid by employers instead of insurance. There’s no longer any benefit to hiring temps, so no one is.

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      1. I can’t even look.
        I finally figured out why I’m being inundated with Indian recruiter calls again… their US call centers have reopened after C19!! (Unemployed H1 Visa employees work in recruiting call centers till their next gig, so they don’t have to go back to India. They use Monster to find listings and call on single keyword matches. They have no inside track at firms… all cold calling.)

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