We are running out of sun cream this summer….. So need protecting from the unbroken sun beating down on parched Yorkshire……

Over time you find ways to protect your inner self and your family. Unlike sun protection, these things are needed frequently here. With Son’s Aspergers he can suffer with severe anxiety attacks. To be fair I struggle as well. But over time you find ways to block out the anxieties for a little while. For me the best blocking techniques are running, exercise, music and climbing. With Son it’s dreaming, talking and watching wrestling. One thing that works for BOTH of us is watching movies.

I remember being told by various parents that I should limit screen and TV time. It’s bad for all kids. Apparently it’s ok for the same parents to watch as much TV as they like. Ok. We need to remember that all kids are different. Unique personalities. What works for one child may not be suitable for another. In the case of our Son, movies help brake the downward descent into an awful anxiety whirlpool. So when he needs to, he can watch a movie. If it takes two movies, then it’s back to back cinematic viewings. I guess the ultimate would be to watch the entire Marvel Universe in one sitting…..

The other upside to movies is that it helps with my anxieties as well. It’s good sometimes to forget the current world and just escape. Son tends to be in full control of the movie schedule. His choices will work for me. Often these are cartoons. That suits me just fine as I’m a big kid at heart. Nothing better than 90 minutes of ScoobyDoo or Ice Age. Part of me secretly would love to be deposited in one of those cartoon worlds. They always feel so much safer and more fun than ours.

Well the other night we both needed a bit of cheering up. So we sat in front of the TV and Son scanned the available options. Which Scooby movie would he pick. He might even pick a Marvel epic. This is going to be so cool…. Five minutes later we were watching the Playmobil movie.

Now that was not what I was expecting. Son hasn’t played with a Playmobil toy since he was about 4. Ok I will just grin and bare it. Well I will go to the bottom of our garden. WE both loved it. So much so that when I couldn’t sleep during the night, I watched it again. Ok that’s my rock and roll credentials blown out of the water but so be it. Yes its not going to get any Oscars but it certainly wins on the anxiety blocking scale. Now am I too old to get out the Playmobil figures……

Unbelievably while writing this ….the sun has come out. Where is the sun cream.

98 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Well hullo! I’m finally working on catching up again now that I’m home where Internet works. I was curious about that Playmobil movie, so perhaps we’ll get it from the library after all. The kids are back into Scooby movies once more, and I think Blondie grabbed that Aardman nugget of joy called Early Man. We’ve some beautiful sun today, and our parks are open at last!
    Bo and I are staying sane with watching old episodes of Columbo. You know, I think our countries would do a right side better if a soul like Columbo’s were in charge…

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  2. Sometimes the best movies are those which simply give you a break from reality and help you to distance. A good laugh can already make you see your life from a higher perspective. I love cartoons… most of all Disney movies!

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  3. Bah, who needs rock and roll credentials. Let the child inside run wild. Glad you enjoyed the movie. It’s good to escape the anxieties of this world with a fun movie. The cartoon type movies are my favorites.

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      1. Yes, the time is there, but we’ve been watching too many other things lately. We did subscribe to Disney recently so I’m hoping we’ll find some fun things to watch on there.

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  4. Kids movies are the bomb! I remember being quite sad when mine grew past the ages where we could go to the cinema to watch one. Hilariously, they have taken me to the odd one anyway, our guilty pleasure..they are so well constructed and always have an adult sense of humour in mind xxx

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  5. Great post. Not familiar with that animation, but I do have The Incredibles (1 and 2), Despicable Me (1, 2, 3 and the Minions movie), Flushed Away, Brother Bear, Up,Frozen, but I never quite got into Paddington and Charlie Brown.

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  6. What is a Playmobile? Must’ve missed that. Ben is still on Hocus Pocus (reccomend if you can get it) and PJ Masks.
    Last “Movie Night” we did Trolls. It was good but pulled on the heartstrings… probably not a good one for you guys.💌💌

    Don’t get a sunburn 🤣🤣💌

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  7. I think movies are a great escape – they take you to a different world and let you imagine. I really thought I was going to read a ton during the quarantine, but I found I didn’t have the time or focus. But books are my go too in order to leave my world for a while. I love to visit different worlds!

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  8. Alternatively where the sun cream is concerned you just come to Scotland… Brill about the Playmobile movie. But sometimes ‘kids” films are the best. The figures are too. you could get a blonde haired, suited one one and relieve a lot of stress by belting it with a hammer. Seriously? If you watch wall to wall movies and you and your boy are happy, it don’t matter how much time you spend in front of a screen. Especially right now.

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  9. How brilliantly timed! It is so funny how God’s timing works. It was meant to be that you sat down and wrote this. I love tv series and books to escape and, in many cases, relate! It is such a fun way to visit different worlds from the comfort of your current space! Blessings!

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  10. My daughter struggles with anxiety a lot too and movies help her. Whatever works! Keep doing it and I love the Ice Age movies and other animated ones. I agree, their world is sometimes a lot more fun!
    Have never seen the playmobil movie, will have to look it up! Glad it brought smiles!

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      1. They are! Quite creative!
        It is very tough for her, especially with all that is going on in the world right now!
        And yes, tough to see her go through it, but just like you, we stand by our kids and help them all we can! The tough part is when you feel so helpless!

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  11. I still wonder how it was i sat through the Lego batman movie but it was good if not great and I didn’t expect that. So go playmobil… mind you i will never forgive the person who made me sit through Pokemon the movie… and yorkshire sunshine? Who knew? Too much more of the yellow stuff and you guys will be expressing optimism… and goodness knows what it’ll do to your rhubarb

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  12. We recently watched the whole of the Lord of the Rings in one weekend. The whole MCU in a single sitting would be quite a challenge…

    We didn’t see the Playmobil movie when it came out, but now I’m starting to think we should look or the DVD.

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