It feels like it’s been an eternity since we last took in some seaside air. I think it’s just under two years. TWO YEARS…. That must be my longest ever inland run. Especially not great when you are a seaside child, born on the North Yorkshire coast. One day with patience.

This is Whitby. Here’s a few random facts about this beautiful little town.

  • Captain James Cook lived here and his famous ship the Endeavour was built here.
  • Whitby has some of the best Fish and Chips on the planet.
  • The black semi-precious stone Whitby Jet.
  • Bram Stoker developed the idea of his Dracula book here. The opening chapters are set here. Also the idea of Dracula taking on the form of a huge black dog is based on local legends.

When I was a kid we would come here on a day trip by train. While my parents went about doing parenting things, I would be sent up the 199 steps to The Abbey which is in the background of the second photo. My job was to hunt for Dracula’s grave. I never did find it but maybe next time.

I’m not sure that time wasting parenting excuse would have any chance of success with our son. More chance of him convincing me to go. These days we come to Whitby for the chips, the ice cream, the beautiful beach and a bit of dinosaur fossil hunting. This part of the country has been named Jurassic Coast for the number of discoveries it yields. This is one of ours.

So let’s hope it’s not long before the fossil hunting is back underway.

79 thoughts on “Whitby

  1. I love Whitby. I have been a few times, but it’s been quiet a few years since I last went.
    I love the smell of the sea air there, as well as their fish and chips. 🙂

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  2. I am trying to send a question via your Contact form at your site.
    The field for URL is not accepting input. Thought you’d want to know.
    (I can type in my URL, but then when submitting, it keeps saying, Please enter a URL.)

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  3. Okay, this is a weird one… No, not your post! 😃 Your post is good! The wierd thing is that Andrew has been told that he’s related to James Cook. Not directly descended. He’s been told that he is a descendant of James Cook’s brother. Out of curiosity I just did a Google search to see what I could find out about his brother. Somebody had commented on a post that there is no record of James brother ever marrying, but Andrew says that he married a native women here in Canada. Ah, wait a minute… that could make sense as to why there would be no record, but how does Andrew’s family know this? Now I have some questions to harass Andrew with. How do they know this? But, yes, it’s a big thing in his family that they are related to James Cook. One year Andrew’s sister bought him the Endeavor for our mantel. When we got our two cats I hid it away for awhile. Brought it out a while back forgetting that cats get up to no good, and one of them chewed on the strings to the sails. I might be able to repair it one day. 😁 Cats!

    That’s a very cool fossil. I was just looking at photos recently of a trip we took shortly after we were married. We went to the badlands of Alberta and visited a dinosaur museum. I was thinking of showing these pics on my blog, but I don’t know what to write about that trip. It was so long ago!

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    1. They were born about 10 miles from where I was born. Sometimes the words are in the photos. Must admit a few times I’ve just put the photos on the post first then wrote stuff after that. If no words come then let the photos do the rest. I would love to see them.


      1. Funny that you said that about putting the photos first. ☺ Just after I commented I decided to put some photos in a draft. Still don’t have the words. Been thinking about this a bit.

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      2. It’s going to be two posts. The first part doesn’t have the dinosaur museum, but it does have some pretty sights. 😀 I don’t have a clue what I will write for the other post. It will come to me. 😀

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      1. Oh that day it was October and fine. I was trying to place that trip in terms of ‘memorable’ journeys home cos even as I wrote that comment–having had 3 memorable journeys home– I thought we must have gone the East coast when we aye go the other way. And indeed of the 3 that was the time it took us 7 hours cos of this awful storm and torrential rain. The best bit being, when we did finally crawl in to the house, and the girls, late teens and early 20s met us at the door, it was to the news that there was no power and they could not find a match or a candle. ( I think Dracula plainly was responsible….)

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      2. My oldest sister took her young kid in Dracula’s museum with my mum. The kid panicked and the two seniors got the giggles. Next thing they know a couple of hands are placed on their shoulders. They turn round to see a guy dressed up as Dracula. They screamed and legged the building leaving the poor kid behind. Whitby is one of those places.

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  4. Beautiful photos – so stunningly beautiful! And fish and chips you say? Now I am well and truly hooked! (pun intended) My favorite meal hands down! Will you be able to make the trip this year? It’s going on my bucket list! I also love fossil hunting. We used to find cool ones on the beach back home now and then. Sigh! Now I’m a bit homesick. LOL

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  5. Wow!!! That is stunning!! I would be beside myself!!

    Beach, history, and fossils!! You would lose me there lol 😄✌️

    You should go! How far is it from you? I know you have limitations – but would be nice for you both to enjoy and relax, take incredible pics and have memories together

    I hate that the virus stops us from truly living and experiencing – and causes us to worry about these things!

    I soo wish you guys can enjoy those things you love

    It’s funny… I think America has all these beautiful and amazing places and we do…

    But you post yours … and it’s just incredible… your fossil got me lol ✌️

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      1. 😱😱 so is close??? Whoa!!

        You have to try to go… take a vacation from all this virus stuff! I know is hard though. And scary

        Just hoping you guys can enjoy and relax together ✌️ that would be perfect!!

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  6. I havent made a trip to my favorite beach town in a while either. I don’t know offhand if they have any claim to fame.🤔😂 No fossils but I did find a sand dollar once. A whole one, that’s rare.
    I hope Son is able to go look for that shark tooth sooner rather than later.💌

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